Weekend Projects for the Organizer

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Put your household in order by upgrading your home's storage capacity and organizing everything from incoming mail to outgoing backpacks.

Systematize Communications

Place a small table or desk equipped with file organizers (outfitted with labeled folders) and recharging docks near your home's main entry to handle incoming and outgoing electronics, mail, and paperwork that needs returning to your kids' schools. Choose a furniture piece with a drawer so you can keep postage stamps, envelopes, note cards, and other mailing supplies within easy reach.

Tailor Storage

Outfit clothing closets with customizable shelving and rod systems, specialty racks and hangers, storage bins and baskets, shelf and drawer organizers, and hanging organizers to ensure that everyone has plenty of places for properly placing their things. Personalize storage by using colorful hat boxes, wire baskets, and vintage suitcases to charmingly corral fashion accessories and out-of-season apparel.

These mini-but-mighty bath storage ideas will help you trick a slim setup into handling everything from accessories to oversize purchases.

Enhance the Bath

Utilize empty wall space above your toilet to create in-bath storage for lotions, potions, and linens. Space wire shelves far enough apart to hold folded bath towels. Add a medicine cabinet to store less-pleasing necessities. Or, simply move in an étagère-style unit designed to fit against the toilet wall.

Fine-Tune Furniture

When you're short on built-in storage, look to dressers, sideboards, kitchen carts, and bookcases to hold everything, including bath towels, bed linens, kids' toys, and gift-wrapping trappings. Move in freestanding wardrobes or antique armoires that suit your style preferences. Outfit under-the-bed voids with specialty roll-out organizers and storage bins.

Take It Outside

Furnish your garage with wall and ceiling storage systems, racks, and organizers that keep all types of utilitarian and recreational gear controlled, accessible, and protected. A well-organized garage means that you'll be able to find what you need when you need it, while giving you more garage space for storing unneeded things that have been cluttering up your house.

Modify for Tykes

Kids are more likely to put away their clothes, toys, and sporting gear when storage is customized to their sizes, interests, and needs. Place closet rods and wall hooks within each kid's hanging-up reach. Outfit bookcases with see-through bins or baskets. Identify each container's contents with a digital photo (for toddlers) and labels (for reading-age kids).

Convert a Closet

Lucky enough to have an underutilized closet? Optimize its potential and purpose by installing a work surface, mounting adjustable shelves, and arranging colorful organizers to hold office supplies or crafting gear. Hang a bulletin board or paint the wall behind the desktop with magnetic chalkboard paint to create an easily updated memo center. 

Restructure Cabinets

Store supplies, tools, and staples close at hand to ensure that your kitchen, bathroom, and office operations run without a hitch. Look online, at storage retailers, and in home centers for cabinet and desk updates that include compartmentalized drawer organizers, back-of-the-door racks, and turntables, stacking bins, and tray holders that keep essentials sorted and accessible.

Tap Wall Space

Think of underused walls as blank canvasses that can accommodate hardworking function presented in refined forms. Enhance storage and display capacity by mounting antique wall cabinets, modern metal ledges, vintage corner shelves, and breezy wire planter baskets that act as good-looking exhibit spaces and catchalls for all sorts of gear.

Sweat the Small Stuff

Stow earrings, cuff links, necklaces, hair clips, spice jars, photographs, and memorabilia in bins, binders, caddies, stackable boxes, and specialty organizers that group objects by type, while keeping individual items untangled, protected, and within reach. Use countertop and desktop organizers to hold things you reach for every day.

File It Under Efficient

Assemble all your important paperwork in one place for easy storage and retrieval. Use one file cabinet or drawer to house your household's most vital records. Create labeled file folders for financial accounts, estate planning documents, home improvement receipts, medical and dental records, the previous years' tax returns, insurance policies, and employment and retirement information.

Handle Arrivals and Departures

Outfit entries and mudrooms with lockers, shelves, bookcases, or compartments that provide hooks for corralling coats, backpacks, dog leashes, and reusable shopping bags. Label the compartments by user name so each person knows where to put their gear. Arrange open bins or a freestanding shoe rack near the door for holding incoming shoes and boots.

Expand Interest

Hang shelves above doorways and windows. Frame a window with tall bookcases and place a trunk or storage ottoman below the window to round out storage. Use the shelves to display pretty and practical pieces and equip the bookcases with handsome baskets and bins that organize paperwork, crafting supplies, and modern media.

Be Constructive

Reach between wall studs and add shallow shelves that can store everything, including wineglasses, spices, shampoos, and paperback books. Build a banquette or window seat using above-the-fridge kitchen cabinets. Open a staircase wall to grab space for adding open bookshelves or closed-door cabinets. Frame a fireplace with custom built-in bookcases.

Have Fun

Upholster a wall in fabric or corkboard to display inspirational photos and to-do lists. Paint a plywood panel with chalkboard paint and mount it on your fridge or near a door so you can post reminders. Hang colorful sap buckets to stow office, crafting, and cooking supplies. Dress a work table in a flirty skirt to create a handy hidey-hole for not-so-pretty essentials.

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