$405 Pet Shower

Transform a corner of a mudroom or garage into a pet corner complete with a shower and storage for your four-legged friend.

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    Rework a corner for your pets.

    Fido isn't a car, so why wash him in the driveway? Let a corner of a mudroom or garage go to the dogs and you'll enjoy the perks of centralized canine storage (and a cleaner pup, too).

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    Add storage that's out of paw reach

    A shelf mounted high on the wall keeps treats and shampoos at a comfortable height for the owner and out of paw reach. Stainless-steel shelving brackets ($7.50 each) are easy to clean and complement the shower fixture.

    IKEA; ikea.com

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    Add a splash of color in the shower using an accent tile

    Classic white subway tile is easy to find at a home improvement center. For pizzazz, consider subway tile in an accent color ($11.75 per square foot). Pets will appreciate a handheld showerhead ($44.99), an upgrade from the hose outside.

    Terra-cotta subway tile: Anchor Bay Tile; anchorbaytile.com

    Six-function handheld showerhead: Price Pfister; pricepfister.com

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    Include storage for toys and towels

    Towels and toys stay organized in open storage cubes ($19.99 each). The cube with the door ($32.99) houses brushes, medications, and other supplies.

    Stacks and Stacks; stacksandstacks.com

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    Install a shower floor

    A shower floor with a threshold ($237) fits perfectly in this corner and keeps water contained.

    Swanstone; swanstone.com

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