Real-Life Remodel: Better Bungalow

A behind-the-times bungalow gets a whole new look with a smart, stylish remodel. Take the tour to see how you can maximize space in a small home and create contemporary, one-of-a-kind style.

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    Better-than-Ever Bungalow

    The homeowners of this now-charming Tacoma, Washington bungalow actually considered buying a new home. Luckily, they found the right architect, who helped them overcome their fears and get excited about remodeling. Together, they chose to reinvent the home with a youthful, modern aesthetic. To improve the dated facade, vintage clapboard siding and a modern standing-seam metal roof was installed. Fresh, fun landscaping complements the enhanced exterior.

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    Exceptional Exterior

    From the back of home, the new modern aesthetic is clearly visible. Fresh paint, aluminum-frame windows, and three garage-style doors give it a truly inventive appearance. The bungalow's exterior appropriately mixes old and new so it can retain the classic look that fits the older neighborhood.

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    Darling Deck

    The homeowners enjoy entertaining and relaxing on their new deck. The deck uses repurposed industrial materials for the railings, matching those found inside the home.

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    Dandy Doormats

    Outside the front and back doors, large slabs of aluminum bar grate set into the concrete are handy for wiping dirty shoes, helping to keep the light bamboo floors inside the home clean.

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    Modern Sensibility

    The homeowners and architect chose to remodel the interior spaces with clean, industrial style while making the most of limited space. In this tour, you'll see that simple, hardworking furnishings and materials unite all of the rooms and maximize their functionality. A new open floor plan and large windows -- with minimal or no treatments -- keep the whole house airy and bright. A pattern of repurposing industrial materials (shown here with the open shelving made from galvanized plumbing pipe) lends contemporary flair while saving the homeowners big bucks.

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    Bonus Rooms

    Just off the living room, two former bedrooms were reconfigured to create a new home office with an adjoining crafts room. These bonus spaces are outfitted with IKEA cabinetry and furnishings, like most of the rooms in the house. Another roll-up exterior door in the crafts room can be opened easily to bring fresh air into this part of the house. Eco- and kid-friendly bamboo covers the living room, home office, and crafts room floors.

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    Bold in Blue

    In the kitchen, new cobalt blue IKEA cabinetry boasts ample storage, affordable style, and an easy-to-clean finish. The bold blue contrasts nicely with the home's predominately orange accents.

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    Garage-Style Doors

    The most interesting features in the remodeled home are the three glass-panel garage-style doors -- each painted orange -- that can easily roll up to help cool the home in the summer. This door in the kitchen opens up to the deck, inviting easy indoor-outdoor living.

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    Easy, Everyday Kitchen

    Stainless-steel countertops along the sink wall were chosen for their high-style and low-maintenance qualities. Two windows behind the sink keep the space light and bright.

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    Sun-Drenched Dining

    The dining room boasts new glass-front cabinetry -- built right into the wall so as not to take up floor space -- to display a china collection and store table linens. A wide expanse of windows on two of the walls douses the dining room in natural light.

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    Fashionable Furnishings

    The dining room's repurposed painted table and aluminum chairs are inexpensive and elegant and better yet, childproof.

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    Powder Room

    Here, a stainless-steel table topped with a round fireclay china vessel sink brings clean, contemporary style to the powder room. Just to the right of the vanity, recessed cabinets add plenty of storage without taking up much space.

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    Savvy Staircase

    During the remodel, the home's main stairway was moved to a more spacious, central location. The architect came up with the idea to repurpose aluminum bar grate -- purchased from a metal supplier -- for the stair treads and inexpensive plumbing pipe for the railings. Directly above the staircase, solar tubes were installed in the ceiling to allow natural light to fill the center of the house, brightening areas that would otherwise be dark.

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    Window Seats that Wow

    A new dormer at the front of the house created a cozy reading nook, complete with built-in shelves. The tops on the window seats can be lifted for savvy storage and can even be converted into a double-bed platform for guests or kids' sleepovers.

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    Modern Bookcases

    The architect came up with the idea to use galvanized plumbing pipe and fittings (the same material used for the staircase railings) to make modern, budget-friendly bookcases for the new playroom and bedroom and under the staircase.

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    Better Baseboards

    Another inventive idea: The home's baseboards are made from aluminum purchased at a metal supply store. These add to the industrial look of the home and can be wiped down easily.

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    Master Bedroom

    During the remodel, skylights were added to brighten the relatively small master bedroom, making it feel more spacious. Space-saving furnishings from IKEA give the room a contemporary look at a low cost.

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    Budget-Wise Bath

    Repeating materials found in the powder room, a stainless-steel table purchased from a restaurant supply store lends a contemporary touch as the vanity in the upper-level bathroom. The new tub was found at a salvage shop. Industrial-looking sconces, mirrors, and fixtures complete the look.

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