Staircase Design Ideas

Staircases do more than connect levels in your home; their visual presence is an architectural statement. From spiral staircases to sleek wood designs, find beautiful staircase designs to complement your style.

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    Sculptural Staircase

    The most magnificent stairways often look more like works of art, such as this serpentine piece that coils as it rises. Building these stairs combined the skills of various artisans who work with wood, metal, and drywall.

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    Stairs That Conceal

    This simple staircase includes white-painted beaded-board paneling. The wall covering extends onto a doorway, which disguises the entrance to the basement.

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    Big-City Stairway

    Wooden slabs used as stair treads often convey a country vibe. But these clean-lined risers give off an undeniable contemporary look. The large cuts of wood were attached to a painted metal staircase, which creates a big-city look that leaves the prairie far behind.

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    Grand Entrance

    This shapely staircase gently widens as it meets the grand foyer, creating a smooth transition between levels. Decorative molding applied to the walls throughout the foyer blends well with the dramatic look of the staircase.

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    Step Aside

    Placing the front stairway to the side of the entry enables guests standing at the front door of this home to see through to the rest of the first level. The staircase railings and treads feature the same dark walnut used as the flooring throughout the home's gathering spaces.

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    Wood-and-White Stairway

    The enduring decorating concept of lights and darks strikes an elegant balance on this staircase. The crisp white-painted base pairs expertly with the deep brown wood treads and hand railing. If this combo suits your taste, choose a paint that promises a hard, scuff-free surface and use a highly durable clear finish over the wood stain.

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    Stair Runner

    A geometric-pattern stair runner boosts both the comfort and style of this staircase. In addition to providing softness and warmth underfoot, the runner also prevents walkers from slipping on the potentially slick wooden treads.

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    Winding Staircase

    This wide front hall has plenty of room for a winding staircase. The stair runner softens the look of the wooden risers, while a dark wood railing draws the eye up and around the shapely curve of the staircase.

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    Staircase with Storage

    Some staircases, such as this one, have space for storage underneath. A row of drawers provides convenient stowaway spots for every member of the family. A recessed niche next to the drawers provides open storage space for larger items like bags and baskets.

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    Wraparound Staircase

    This statement-making staircase wraps around one end of this light-filled home. The staircase's open construction emphasizes the home's open floor plan and doesn't draw attention away from the soaring ceilings and plentiful windows. The dark wood risers and railings lend a hint of contrast.

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    Stairway Landing

    A shapely staircase gives this entryway a dramatic look. The white-painted risers and balusters expertly contrast the dark wood treads and hand railing. A bench and small side table make the landing look more welcoming.

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    Natural Staircase

    On this staircase, a whimsical woodland railing makes a striking statement. The handrail and balusters look as if they were fresh-cut from the trees outside. The foyer's casual, collected vibe is reinforced by eclectic decor throughout the rest of the home.

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    Open Staircase

    Thanks to the open and spacious construction of the staircase, the free flow of this space is evident from the moment guests step inside the front door. Similar to the rest of the home, crisp white adorns nearly every surface, which also helps the space feel open and airy.

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    Flowing Staircase

    Flowing down like the train of an elegant gown, this staircase creates a dramatic style statement. The dark wood treads and metal balustrade lend contrast to the otherwise all-white foyer.

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    Step Right Up

    Patterned ceramic tile on the stair risers hint at this home's sophisticated old-world style. The ornate metal railing adds another layer of pattern and architectural interest to the staircase.

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    Clever Project

    To save money on a costly stair runner, consider this simple do-it-yourself approach. Painting a faux runner down the center of your stairs will create the same look as a store-bought rug, but will cost just a fraction of the price.

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    Pattern Play

    A patterned stair runner lends a splash of contemporary appeal to this otherwise traditional-style entryway. Rich wood elements, such as the support column and handrails, help warm up the mostly white-painted space.

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    Warm Welcome

    Charcoal gray walls add depth and drama to this entryway. The iron balusters blend expertly with the dark wood handrail and stair treads. The white-painted risers help lighten up the entryway.

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