One-Room Home Additions

A slideshow of beautiful one-room home additions, showing a variety of designs and styles

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    Garden Rooms

    The architect connected this garden room to the rest of the home by removing a portion of a wall and replacing it with a wide hallway. Slate-tile flooring, banks of windows, decorative beams, and the fireplace all add architectural detail. Note that placing the fireplace on the outer wall makes venting easy.

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    Pool House Addition

    Building an addition that projects out onto the patio creates a gathering space and transition area between pool decks and homes. This is a good example of how to use an existing structure to inspire the lines of an addition.

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    Colorful Living Area

    A coffered ceiling and a new fireplace transform a boxy space into a welcoming family room. Before you add a stone fireplace, have your contractor check the foundation to make sure it can support the weight.

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    Tall Window-Filled Addition

    Pendant lights and a ceiling fan dangle between the exposed trusses, providing light and air circulation without interfering with the views into or out of the oversize windows.

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    Skylights and French Doors

    French doors, windows, and skylights give this addition an atrium like quality. Note the way pillars were used to support the load-bearing beam that separates the original house from the addition.

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