Home Additions and Bump-Outs

A slideshow of bump-outs and small home additions, featuring a variety of addition designs, styles, and hints

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    Addition with Cedar Siding

    Prominent bump-outs like this one can add square footage inside and break up the square personality outside this residence. Cedar siding on house additions can enhance the visual interest of formerly plain stucco facades. Try adding Japanese-style entryways or front doors to marry the addition and the original home design. Note the way the canopy over the front door picks up the form of the bump-out, creating continuity between the existing house and the addition.

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    Bay Window Bump-Out

    Even a small bay window bump-out can change a room by allowing more light and opening up new sight lines-in this case, to a swimming pool. Note the way the beaded board was brought under the windows to tie into the room.

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    Banquette Seating

    A window seat maximizes the function of this small bump-out without taking up a lot of space. High windows on the street-side wall allow light into the room but maintain privacy. The arch is a fanciful touch to add interest to the wall.

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    Rear Curved Bump-Out

    A small rear bump-out is put to maximum use by filling the curve with a built-in banquette. Storage is built in below the seating. A tall peaked ceiling and lots of windows keep the space from feeling too tight.

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    Cozy Seating Area

    Once a cramped attic study, this third-floor crow's nest gets a fresh start with a new bowed dormer and large windows that improve floor space, headroom, and the view of the waterfront vista. The dormer expands usable space without adding square footage. Here, the owners chose windows with small panes on top and large, clear openings at the bottom to maximize views.

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