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Improve your home with a remodeling project or two. Whether you're planning to tackle DIY remodeling projects, or hiring a pro, find all of the essential remodeling information you'll need to know right here. Find weekend project how-tos, helpful remodeling tips, advice on working with contractors, determining home remodeling costs, and working within your budget.

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Our Ultimate Guide to Drywall

Learn about tools, techniques, and step-by-step directions for proper drywall installation and repair.
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How to Build a Corner Linen Cabinet

Make the most of your tiny bathroom with this sleek DIY cabinet project.
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How to Change a Wood Panel to Glass

Show off your china and glassware by replacing your cabinet doors with glass panels. This step-by-step tutorial shows you how.
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How to Reinforce Joints in Carpentry Projects

Whether you're building a shelf, door frame, or some other craft, learning how to strengthen joints is a crucial tool of the trade. We'll show you a few basic methods so you can always choose the right reinforcement.
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How to Install Decorative Columns

They may look load-bearing, but decorative columns are actually an easy way to add class and style to your home.
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The Ultimate Guide to Hammering and Countersinking

Even the most experienced homeowners could use a refresher on the basics. Nail this skill to conquer all future projects.
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How to Build an Adjustable Bookcase

If you've ever bought a book that was too tall for your bookcase, then this project is for you. Our detailed tutorial teaches you how to build a bookcase with two adjustable shelves.
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How to Build Utility Shelves

Amp up storage in a garage, large closet, or basement with utility shelves. This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for building a storage-savvy unit.
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How to Paint Plastic Like a Pro

Whether it's a piece of lawn furniture or PVC trim, you're bound to paint plastic at some point. These tips and tricks will ensure the job gets done right.