Use radiant heat flooring to keep a sunroom cozy.

June 08, 2015

Q: We'd like to enclose a sunroom on a slab foundation into a master suite, but the floor is really cold. What can we do?

A: Consider radiant heat floors. There are two types of radiant heat floors. One uses heated water that is pumped through tubes, the other heats with electricity. The entire floor surface radiates about as much heat as the human body does, so you feel warmer even if the air temperature is only about 65° F which means you'll also save on heating bills. Radiant heat uses about a third less energy.

This type of heat is especially well-suited to rooms with a lot of windows, such as sunrooms. Instead of heating the air that is infiltrated through the windows and doors, radiant heat warms objects.

Although most types of flooring can be installed over radiant-heat systems, it is best to use stone or tile in rooms with lots of windows. These materials help hold in the sun's heat and increase your comfort level. For more information, or to find a qualified installer in your area, visit the Radiant Panel Association's Web site at


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