Front Porch Design Ideas: Wrap-Around Porches

If a wrap around porch is just around the corner for your next remodeling project, get inspired by these photos that capture the classic charm and convenience of an extended front porch.

Victorian Charm

A two-sided porch offers flexibility--you can easily move in and out of shifting sunlight and prevailing winds. Sit at the front to watch street-side activity, or cozy up on the side for privacy.

This wrap around porch addition captures the feature popular on Victorian-style farmhouses and Shingle-style bungalows of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A wrap around porch is a variation of the classic front-facing porch with a portion of at least two sides running around the house.

Porch with a View

A wraparound porch provides the perfect place to enjoy panoramic views of stunning sunsets or storms rolling in, all beneath the roof's comfortable shelter.

Here, columns and arched architectural details dress up the structural support for the roof and are the crowning traditional touches for the porch.

Wrapped in Charm

A curved wraparound porch is an eye-catching feature of this 1894 Queen Anne Victorian home. This beauty demonstrates the classic language of porch architecture--a small, front-facing gable in the porch roof draws attention to the main stairs and front entry.

Ocean-Front Porch

Northeast Shingle-style homes often feature large wraparound porches. The porch of this renovated 1910 Massachusetts home faces the ocean. In the parlance of seaside homes, the porch is on the front of the house.

All Wrapped Up

Inspired by the style of Craftsman-era homes, this newly built California house features a wraparound porch that encircles the whole structure.

Arching Details

A wraparound porch with repeating arch details unifies the changes made to this home's exterior and geometrically complements the half-round shingles added to the gables.

Work with Existing Elements

Existing stone terraces starting at the sidewalk and abundant foliage flow right into this new wraparound porch, grounding the addition. Stained wood matching the front door is incorporated into the railings, and the posts are painted white to match the lattice wood below.

Pillared Perfection

Overstated white pillars complement the heavy architectural elements of this home and add to the traditional charm of the arched windows and cedar shingle siding. With a portion of the porch extending around the bay windows, this uncovered space leads to a back door and makes a perfect spot for sunbathing near the house.

Working with Setbacks

If your lot is narrow, a wraparound porch is still within reach. Just be sure to research setback requirements to learn how close the side of a home can be to the lot line. This shallow porch extends around the corner to a previous bump-out addition. Spruce up the support beams with capitals around the tops and pedestals at the bases.

Wrapped in History

If you live in a historical home, research how to best extend the style of your house to your porch. Small touches make all the difference. Wood detailing in the balustrade frames the space and creates a unified look with the rails below. If you're adding a roof to cover your wraparound porch, consider the space above for adding a small second-story porch, as well.

Screen Splendor

If pesky insects have you pushing off your wraparound porch addition, consider the convenience of screening in part of the space. The extra protection from the elements will extend use, and ceiling fans inside will keep air circulating.

Front Porch and Wraparound Porch

This newly built home takes a historical precedent from the Classic Revival houses of the 19th century with its two-story front-facing porch; a wraparound porch also graces the first floor.

Victorian Revival

The restoration of this 1870s Victorian wouldn't be complete without repairing the ground porch. Old photos from the local historical society helped when designing historically accurate details, from the height of the railing to the style of the columns.

Return to Original Charm

A new wraparound porch with ornate details brings the original style back to a timeworn farmhouse. The new design is 400 square feet--large enough for plenty of chairs and a dining table.

Historical details, such as railing featuring intricate balusters that look like original Victorian millwork, capture old character. The railing style is repeated on a smaller scale in the balustrade overhead. These charming additions won't fade as quickly as traditional woodwork because they are constructed of a high-density urethane that won't rot and doesn't need repainting. A cedar floor finishes the space with warm color and durability.

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