16 Cozy Wraparound Porch Ideas for Homes of Every Style

blue shutters orange door low country home
Photo: John Bessler

A wraparound porch stretching across multiple sides of a home's exterior allows you to easily change your view or shift positions with the moving sun. Set up patio furniture for a comfortable, relaxing spot, or carve out distinct outdoor living and dining zones. These wraparound porch ideas capture an extended front porch's classic charm and convenience.

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white farmhouse wrap-around porch
Werner Straube

A wraparound porch is a classic feature of old farmhouses. Tucked under a metal roof overhang, this porch spans the entire front and one side of the home. A pair of rocking chairs and a swing offer comfortable perches for enjoying the pastoral views.

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home exterior wrap around porch
Helen Norman

A wraparound porch boosts the useable living space of this Craftsman-style home. The spacious covered porch helps shade the home's lower-level windows to cool the interior on warm days. The tapered porch columns emphasize the Arts and Crafts style, tying it with the home's exposed rafters and overhanging eaves.

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Simple and Welcoming

porch with landscaping
Jeff Herr

Wraparound porches don't need to be spacious or elaborately designed to function well for outdoor living. This covered area features a swing and ceiling fan to help keep things cool. Next to the door, a pair of reclaimed stadium seats add extra seating and character. In addition, the porch sits close enough to the ground that it doesn't require a railing, further simplifying the design.

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front porch columns colonial style home
Richard Leo Johnson

Wraparound porch designs should reflect the overall character of your home. If you live in a historical home, research how best to extend the style of your house to your porch. Small touches make all the difference. Stately columns and a simple design create a unified look with this home's Colonial aesthetic.

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red victorian home wrap around porch
Krista Droop

A front porch remodel added expansive outdoor living space to this Victorian home. The covered porch, stretching across the front and side of the house, offers both street views and a more secluded area. Decorative brackets dress up the porch columns with elaborate details that are hallmarks of this style.

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Extended Outdoor Space

blue shutters orange door low country home
John Bessler

A wraparound porch lets you enjoy the lush foliage surrounding your home. A large covered porch creates a cozy spot for outdoor dining at the corner of this bungalow. An identical railing design connects a small upper-level balcony to the wraparound porch.

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Wraparound Porch Decor

home exterior with wrap around porch
Robert Brinson

Outfit your wraparound porch with practical furniture and decorative accessories to create an inviting outdoor space. Hanging lanterns and planted containers add a homey touch to this farmhouse's porch. Curtains provide privacy for a screened area around the side.

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Small and Charming

blue-gray Colonial Revival home
Kim Cornelison

If your lot is narrow, a wraparound porch is still within reach. Just be sure to research setback requirements to learn how close the side of a home can be to the lot line. This small wraparound porch allows for a cozy seating area along the front while guiding visitors toward the main entrance along the side of the home.

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Large and Expansive

White house front porch chairs
Stacy Zarin Goldberg

A new wraparound porch brings the original charm back to a timeworn farmhouse. Spanning three sides of the home, the design is large enough to accommodate several patio furniture sets with room to spare. A cedar floor finishes the wraparound porch with warm color and durability.

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Design Details

Victorian style home with wrap around deck
Doug Stremel

Utilize railing and column designs, decorative brackets, and eye-catching paint colors to personalize your wraparound porch. Here, elaborately carved columns and ornate trimmings accentuate this home's Victorian style. The contrasting hues that decorate the porch perfectly match the exterior trim colors seen on the home's upper level.

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Colorful Furniture

white farmstyle porch with hedges growing around it
Greg Schiedemann

Colorful furnishings help define the various zones of this wraparound porch. Anchored by an area rug, a dining table and chairs form a charming spot for alfresco meals along the front. The space around the corner, with its gathering of chairs and accent tables, is dedicated to lounging and conversation.

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Decorative Wraparound Porch Ideas

white house front with green door
Brian McWeeney 

Decorative brackets and details distinguish this wide wraparound porch, adding to the traditional charm of the large windows and white picket fence. Adirondack chairs are spaced along the front for laidback seating. In the corner, long curtains create the option for additional privacy.

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White screened-in porch home exterior
Reed Davis

If pesky insects have you pushing off your wraparound porch addition, consider the convenience of screening in part of the space. The extra protection from the elements will extend use, and ceiling fans inside will keep air circulating. You can choose between an actual screen porch with no windows or one with operable windows suitable for use almost year-round.

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Curved Coziness

Victorian-style farmhouse with porch
Judith Watts

A two-sided porch lets you sit at the front to watch street-side activity or cozy up on the side for privacy. This wraparound porch addition captures the feature popular on Victorian-style farmhouses and Shingle-style bungalows of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In addition, the curved area in the corner provides a natural spot for relaxing on comfy outdoor furniture.

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Breathtaking Views

house with arched wraparound porch
Michael Partenio

A wraparound porch provides the perfect place to enjoy panoramic views of stunning sunsets or storms rolling in. The roof and side of the house can offer protection and comfortable shelter from various weather conditions. Here, columns and arched architectural details dress up the structural support for the roof while providing traditional finishing touches for the porch.

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Northeast Shingle-style home with porch
Eric Roth

Northeast Shingle-style homes often feature large wraparound porches. The porch of this renovated 1910 Massachusetts house faces the ocean. In the tradition of seaside homes, the porch is on the front.

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