8 Porch Daybed Swings That Will Redefine Your Outdoor Space

Why settle for a basic patio chair? Install a hanging daybed swing to dress up your porch and invite all-day lounging.


All it takes to conjure wistful thoughts of summer evenings is an inviting front porch. Think golden sunlight filtering through trees, the background hum of cicadas, and good conversation, all enjoyed from the perch of a porch swing. The only thing that could improve that mental picture? A bigger swing. We're envisioning one that's wide enough to stretch out on, with a cushy mattress that might just entice you to spend the night outside. Now that's a summertime setup.

You can trace this trend's roots to the sleeping porch, a traditional Southern feature that cropped up in the early twentieth century, thanks to a lack of air conditioning, as well as the fear of disease. (The prevailing idea was that sleeping outside in the fresh air could help you avoid tuberculosis.)

Larger than a traditional porch swing, most daybeds are the dimensions of a twin-size mattress, though they can be as small as a crib mattress or as large as you want, depending on the layout of your porch. Most have thick rope hangers and are enclosed on three of the four sides; some more modern versions are armless. Find inspiration for your hanging daybed swing with the inviting examples below.

Customize the Style


The aesthetic of a swinging bed doesn't have to scream "I live in the Deep South." There are all different variations, like this low-hanging porch bed, which stands out with its clean lines, ropes, and tassels. It doesn't hurt that the view is amazing, too.

Pile on the Pillows

hanging porch swing

This neutral swing has a wooden base and brown ropes, with beige Euro pillows lining the back. On its own, it would probably look a bit blah, but a mishmash of patterned pillows brings in color and personality (and makes it even cozier).

Invite Lounging

day bed, hanging outdoor furniture, porch, table and chairs

With its thick mattress and bolster pillow, this country-style day bed is the perfect spot to curl up with a good book and a glass of lemonade. The wooden base adds warmth and character, while the embroidered "Indiana" throw pillow gives the porch a sense of place. The swing's view of the yard also makes it easy to keep an eye on playing kiddos.

Keep It Light


If your taste runs more traditional, you'll love this aqua-hued look. The white-painted daybed seems to float above the sea-blue floor, and the lighthearted color scheme keeps the swing from feeling too pristine.

Play with Proportions

wooden swing, swing, rope

Isn't this little swing adorable? Suspended beneath a tree, it's the perfect spot to steal away for some alone time. Although it's styled as a standard swing, you could easily make it into a daybed by adding a custom-fit, weather-resistant mattress pad.

Use Your Swing as a Divider

porch swing

Here is another dreamy number with some fun pillows—and an important purpose: This swing also serves as a porch divider. One half is designated for any guests who may come knocking, while the other half is a cozy retreat. Steal this setup to create zones on your porch.

Think in Pairs

outdoor day bed

Everything is better in pairs—including daybeds for porches. If you have the square footage for it, a duo of swings will provide extra seating, while also bringing eye-pleasing symmetry to the space. Try placing them side by side or on opposite ends of the porch.

Make Your Roost

patio on cement slab, patio seating, landscaping

This hanging, egg-shaped nest is both clean-lined and cozy. On this porch, it's hung from a pergola, but one of these swings would also be perfect in a big tree. You'll quickly discover this unique seat is both a conversation starter and the ideal spot for a little solitude.

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