Don't settle for a basic patio chair. Instead, look to these genius swinging daybed ideas to dress up your porch with pretty, comfy style.

By Rachel Shingleton
December 14, 2017

There's just something about a beautiful porch that conjures up visions of golden sunlight filtering through the trees, the background hum of cicadas, iced tea, and an all-over warmth of summertime. I'm already looking forward to spending plenty of time on our front porch at the lake this summer, and I'm particularly dreaming about installing a big hanging daybed for us to wile away the hours on.

I'm particularly inspired by the idea of sleeping porches, a traditional southern design element that was born in the early twentieth century thanks to lack of air conditioning, as well as some fear of germs/disease (the prevailing idea was that it was healthier to sleep outside in all the fresh air and thus avoid tuberculosis).

Larger than a traditional porch swing, most daybeds are usually the dimensions of a twin-size mattress, though I've seen them in both full size or crib mattress size, depending on the layout of the porch. Most have large rope details and are enclosed on 3 of the 4 sides, though some also feature armless versions for a more modern interpretation. Here are a few of my favorites. Head to my blog, Pencil Shavings Studio, for more inspiration.

With a View


The aesthetic of a swinging bed doesn't have to scream "I live in the Deep South." There are all different kinds of aesthetic variations. This porch bed is so stylized with all the ropes and tassels. I love how low the bed sits overall—and it doesn't hurt that the view is amazing too.

Color Effect

hanging porch swing

When choosing a bed, keep color in mind. This neutral swing has a wooden base and brown ropes. Beige, uniformly sized Euro pillows line the back. On its own, this porch swing would look a bit blah, but a mishmash of patterned pillows bring in color and personality.

Country Living

day bed, hanging outdoor furniture, porch, table and chairs

This country-style day bed is the perfect spot to curl up with a good book and a glass of lemonade. The wooden base of the bed adds warmth and character, while a quirky throw pillow injects personality into the look. The swing's view of the yard also makes it easy to keep an eye on playing kiddos.

Pretty Hues


If your taste runs more traditional, you'll love this aqua-hued setting. In this particular look, the bed could have blended in with the rest of the porch. Everything is white so the bed floats lightly and allows the pillows to pop. This layout is great for a small space—the heavier elements recede visually and keep the focus elsewhere.

Mini But Mighty

wooden swing, swing, rope

Look how tiny and cute this little swing is! It's the perfect spot to steal away for some alone time. Though it's styled as a swing, you can make it into a daybed by adding a custom-fit, weather-resistant mattress pad.

Divide and Multiply

porch swing

Another dreamy number with some fun pillows. This swing also serves as a porch divider. One half is designated for any guests who may come knocking, while the other half is a cozy retreat.

Two by Two

outdoor day bed

If you've got the square footage for it, everything is better in pairs. A duo of swings adds extra seating while also making a style statement. Try placing them side by side or on opposite ends of the porch.

Hanging Nest

patio on cement slab, patio seating, landscaping

Finally, I couldn't help but include this ridiculously awesome hanging nest. On this porch it's hung from a pergola, but it'd also be perfect in a big tree or somewhere that you have enough space and scale to let it shine. Definitely a conversation starter—I would've died of happiness to have this as a kid and wile away the summer hours reading a book.

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August 1, 2018
Absolutely love the idea of having a swing bed in the patio arrangements.