Porch Design Ideas

Whether you're looking to entertain, dine, or just relax, these porch design ideas are guaranteed to inspire your space. Get ready to enjoy the outdoors in style in screened-in porches, backyard porches, and more.

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    Swing Time

    Pretty yet practical, porch swings are a fun addition to any outdoor area. Family and friends of all ages will enjoy curling up with a good book or gently rocking to the summer breeze. Add extra appeal to your porch swing with a bright coat of paint -- plus some funky throw pillows -- to welcome guests before they even step through the door. 

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    Rock On

    Create a farmhouse porch with casual style, an open design, and cool comfort. Relaxed decor adds style without overshadowing your porch's natural architecture. This porch features black and white rocking chairs, rustic pendant porch lights, and simple farmhouse furniture.

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    Tips for a Small Porch

    Small space? No problem. You can still have a wow-worthy outdoor area with these three easy porch design ideas. 

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    In the Open

    Pergola, meet porch plants. Rustic wood and tons of greenery let this porch blend right into the backyard. Plus, simple porch decor like lanterns and metal furniture make for minimal upkeep.  

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    Tons of Texture

    Add dimension to your porch with different textures and patterns. Lots of wood -- in different grains and beam sizes -- creates contrast without getting cluttered. Accessorize with common colors but different patterns, like graphic black-and-white striped pillows and geometric porch rugs. 

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    High Ceiling

    The view from your porch is breathtaking, so why not enjoy it year-round? The screens on this covered porch make it easy to stay cozy on cooler nights, while a vaulted ceiling keeps you dry. A vintage chandelier adds charm and gentle porch lighting. 

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    To Dine For

    A dream porch should be designed around function. This particular space was built for outdoor dining. Wall-to-wall screens keep bugs at bay, while a vintage white dining set welcomes guests for a cozy summer meal. 

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    Natural Extension

    Create a seamless transition to an outdoor sitting area by paying the same attention to detail as you would when decorating indoors. Here, the variation in tile size adds interest and a subtle hint of pattern to this clean porch design, columns add architectural support and a classical vibe, and a beaded-board ceiling adds texture. Two porch ceiling fans circulate air and keep the space cool and refreshing.

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    Let There Be Light

    Consider adding skylights to bring extra sources of light to a dark porch. For extra circulation, vent the skylights to increase air flow. This porch also includes glass-front doors that boost the amount of light passing from exterior to interior spaces.

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    Happy Hues

    Looking for porch paint ideas? Try a pretty mix of pastels. A gray painted floor and white surroundings allow splashes of turquoise, pink, and violet do the talking. Chippy finishes give this summer porch pretty patina.

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    Midcentury Porch Decor

    Covered porch ideas span from cottage style to contemporary. Add a modern vibe to a summer porch design with retro patio furniture and a geometric area rug. A basic midcentury pendant provides lighting for late-night entertaining.

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    Consider New Colors

    Porch ideas for summer don't have to be complicated. Sometimes a simple swap of color palette can make your design feel fresh again. With a neutral base of gray and beige, it's easy to inject little pops of color, like the citrus tones of lemon and lime featured on this seating of this summer porch.

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    Year-Round Use

    If you live in a more temperate climate, enjoy your porch throughout the year by adding screens and a fireplace. Here, light-color bricks on the fireplace surround echo the surfacing of the home. The hearth is surrounded by plenty of seating, ensuring a large group of guests can enjoy the comforts of the porch fireplace.

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    Lay the Plans

    When planning your porch, consider the style of your house and how you'll want to use the space. Do you want screens? A dining table? How about lighting? Answering all of these questions will help you determine the size, shape, and layout of the porch. For a front porch, plan for it to be at least 8 feet deep and 16-20 feet wide. Have an electrician install any outdoor circuits, outlets, and switches for electronics.

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    Bring It Inside

    Live in luxury with an indoor porch. The trick is to style it like a room in your home, but with rustic, natural charm. Stick with furniture that complements your home's architecture but can stand sun exposure. 

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    Moving Out Back

    Bring a party outdoors by extending living space off the back of your home. This simple porch design features beautiful stone tiling and brick trim tiles, classic columns, and French doors. The furniture looks airy with exposed legs, which also helps make the most of the small space.

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    Finding Inspiration

    Consider your home's architectural style and incorporate those elements into your porch design. The classic design of this porch perfectly complements the home's Italian villa-inspired style. Rounded archways and heavy stone surfacing create a comfortable, rustic setting. Plenty of lighting and a large fireplace ensure gatherings can last well into the night.

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    Blending In

    Capture the beauty of woodland surroundings with a porch built among the trees. This home's woodsy surroundings are carried onto the porch through weathered wooden ceiling beams and furniture built from tree branches and sticks. Simple fabric ensures the focus will be on the great outdoors rather than the porch decor.

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    Make It Friendly

    A porch not only connects your interior with the exterior, but it can also connect your home with the rest of the neighborhood. Make your porch beautiful and welcoming, and make sure to allow plenty of space for you and your company. This porch, outfitted with cheery colors and playful patterns, provides the perfect warm-weather gathering spot for friends and family.

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    Create a Theme

    Bright colors and a weathered patina welcome visitors to this cheery porch. Flea market finds, such as an old stepladder, a detailed mirror, and a pair of directors' chairs, give the space an eclectic vibe. To ensure collected accessories look unified, choose a consistent color palette and stick to it throughout the entire space.

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    Setting a Style

    If you live in an older home, look to the structure's original elements for porch inspiration. Comfortable wicker furniture blends seamlessly with this home's horizontal railings and barn red exterior, a color that is picked up in the throw pillows.

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    Designing a Screen Porch

    A screened-in porch can be enjoyed year-round. Design your own with these simple screen porch ideas. Trust us -- it's easier than it sounds!

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    Even if your porch is tiny, you can still make it functional. This porch design idea makes the most of its narrow space with a long, skinny table and slender chairs. Window screens ensure this beachfront porch can be used all year long, rain or shine.

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    Sleep On It

    Allow the sounds of crickets and a cool breeze to lull you to sleep on a calm summer night with a sleeping porch. Extend the comforts of the indoors with indoor-outdoor light fixtures, fabrics, and furniture. Ensure bugs and other critters aren't an issue by installing window screens.

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    All in the Details

    Give a plain porch a boost of personality with the right details. This cottage-inspired porch design owes its look to a beaded-board ceiling, cool color palette, and eclectic furniture. To keep the vibe natural, electrical lighting is replaced with a hanging lantern and an army of candles.

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    Add It On

    If your home is located somewhere with a chilly winter climate, adding a sunroom is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors year-round. Sunrooms add versatility throughout the year since windows can be replaced with screens in warm months. This small sunroom makes the most of a tight space with airy furniture and a neutral color palette.

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    Summer Porch Inspiration

    Makeover a covered porch to fit the season by copying this home's summer porch decorating ideas. Bring out colorful pillows and a plush swing cushion for cozy seating. Vibrant flowers and summer patio plants bring nature into the mix. A pallet coffee table on casters allows for entertaining on the fly.

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    Light and Breezy

    Create airy summer porch decor by incorporating furniture with slim silhouettes. Wicker and bamboo designs are easy to move indoors and outdoors with the changing season, plus keep small porches bright and lofty. When considering screen porch plans, look for designs with windows that stretch from floor to ceiling to visually expand your space.

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    Boho Inspiration

    If you're decorating a patio for summer, look for materials that can withstand rain, mist, dew, and humidity. Covered front porch designs, as well as screened-in porches, allow for more variety in fabrics. This bohemian-inspired open porch features a Mediterranean rug, leather pouf, wooden room divider, and macrame lighting for interesting texture.

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