16 Front Porch Remodels That Elevate the Outdoor Living Experience

home remodel front exterior with landscaping
Photo: Edmund Barr

A porch remodel can expand your outdoor living space and totally transform the look of your home. These before-and-after photos, including small porch makeovers and total exterior remodels, demonstrate how adding or refreshing a porch can boost curb appeal and complement your home's style. Check out these exterior transformations to see the incredible results of a front porch remodel.

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Fresh Front Porch Remodel

Front yard wooden house
Lisa Romerein

This Craftsman fixer-upper needed lots of work to make it move-in ready. The facade featured a large front porch, but dark siding and peeling shingles gave weren't exactly welcoming. The homeowners spruced up the porch for a more inviting look that retains the home's original charm.

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Fresh Front Porch Remodel

Front gray house
Lisa Romerein

Lap siding along the front of the porch now ties in with the rest of the home's shingle siding, thanks to a warm gray paint job. The stairs were reinforced for added safety and painted white to tie in with the trim around the windows and front door. Wood patio furniture and container plants flanking the door make the outdoor space more livable and homey.

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Turret Porch Remodel

1910 farmhouse turret porch

The before photo of this 1910 farmhouse shows a dark, enclosed porch with an uninviting atmosphere. The boxy shape didn't include ample space for outdoor furniture or gatherings. After a front porch remodel, the dated exterior takes on a completely new life.

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Turret Porch Remodel

Victorian style home makeover
Hedrich-Blessing Studio

A makeover added Victorian style and more space for outdoor entertaining.

The peaked-roof entryway and gazebo with turret roof feature hanging baskets overflowing with shade-loving flowers for a more welcoming, friendly atmosphere. This new porch design provides plenty of room for outdoor furniture, including wicker chairs and a settee.

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Front Porch Reveal

yellow house front exterior revealing porch

Before, this home's front porch was overgrown with greenery and hardly visible.

The porch faded into the exterior instead of standing out because it's the same yellow as the rest of the facade. A fresh coat of paint and other exterior updates made this porch a focal point.

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Front Porch Reveal

home remodel front exterior with landscaping
Edmund Barr

Maintained landscaping replaces the mess of overgrown greenery that previously occupied this home's front yard. Now, siding shingles and cream-colored paint give the exterior a fresh, inviting look. New window treatments, gables, and a stone fireplace add character to the once-boring facade, while fans keep the porch cool on warm summer days.

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Small Front Porch Remodel

Red exterior with white trim of one and a half story house.

This red cottage had the bones of a front porch but nothing to dress it up. The homeowners needed small front porch ideas to make their low-to-the-ground platform stand out. Keeping the pergola-inspired porch roof and original window details, they completed a stunning porch remodel while staying true to the home's charming qualities.

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Small Front Porch Remodel

front exterior cool blue paint red door
Anthony Masterson Photography

Cool blue paint covers the new exterior, but the front door was painted red as an homage to the home's past. The front porch remodel features bright white columns added to the design in place of the existing metal poles. New furniture on the patio is arranged symmetrically to match the rest of the home's layout. All-new landscaping adds even more curb appeal.

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Wraparound Porch Remodel

Ranch style house with wrap around porch

The walls on this 1940s cottage were water damaged, and the front porch was hardly getting any use. For a wraparound porch this size, that's a huge loss of potential outdoor living space. The homeowners employed a few inexpensive exterior updates to brighten it up and used creative porch ideas for the house to be more family-friendly. The front porch remodel resulted in a livable outdoor area meant for summer days.

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Wraparound Porch Remodel

Wrap around porch with Dutch door and clap board siding
Jeff Herr

A coat of creamy white paint brings the front porch to life, while a teal floor adds a playful dash of color. At the back end of the porch, the homeowners installed a wooden porch swing that matches the rest of the home's easygoing aesthetic. They also removed an unnecessary beam from the porch to provide uninterrupted views of the neighborhood. This updated outdoor space can now host quality family time with ease.

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Give Your Exterior a Colorful Makeover

You don't need a full front porch remodel to upgrade the look of your home.

nstead, make your porch pop with a gorgeous exterior color scheme. Get our tips for choosing new paint colors. Get our tips for choosing new paint colors.

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Victorian Porch Add-On

victorian home exterior multi-story

The original wraparound porch was removed from this 1893 Victorian, taking away some of the home's character. Without it, the house lacks dimension and interest. A front porch remodel restored some of the home's charm and spruced up this boring exterior.

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Victorian Porch Add-On

red victorian home wrap around porch
Krista Droop

The new wraparound addition softens the home's entryway and creates an inviting outdoor living space. The white trim perfectly complements the rest of the home, keeping with the traditional Victorian style. Plus, the covered porch makes for an ideal shady spot to relax in the summer.

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Small House Porch Addition

small home exterior large shutters

Before the front porch remodel, this lackluster home was short on curb appeal and character. It wasn't living up to its potential, with extra-large shutters covering the front exterior and a plain entrance. Building upon the cottage-style shingle siding and brick pathways, a porch addition helped bring out this small home's charm.

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Small House Porch Addition

Exterior of house brick walkway porch add-on
Edward Gohlich

Even the smallest homes benefit from a new front porch design. A simple entryway facade was recast as a snug porch with a welcoming portico. By expanding the porch into the yard, this home has increased in size and style.

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New Porch for a Bungalow

petite bungalow home

The charms of this petite bungalow are hidden in the before photo. Here, a nondescript front door and closed-off facade provide little interest. A front porch remodel exposes the sunroom for a more open, airy feel.

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New Porch for a Bungalow

Bungalow Front Exterior pyramidal columns
William N. Hopkins

The after photo reveals what an enclosed porch can add to a home's exterior beauty and function. The original roofline was untouched, but a porch addition with broad pyramidal columns adds vintage-looking support for the ceiling. The porch design provides areas to kick back in the shade or step aside and soak in the sun.

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Front Porch Facelift

bungalow home

This 1940s bungalow updated in the 1970s needed another facelift. Because the house is set so low to the ground, there was little to make it stand out from its surroundings. A front porch remodel, and second-level addition gave this ordinary home a significant update.

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Front Porch Facelift

Front exterior remodel open porch addition
Brian McWeeney

The new open porch maintains the home's low-to-ground, casual feel. The addition of simple furnishings and a few potted containers help the porch fit with the home's new modern combination of fiber-cement and board-and-batten siding. Paired with an addition to the house, this porch design completely transforms the look of the home with a serious curb appeal upgrade.

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Modern Porch Upgrade

19th-century home exterior

This urban townhouse has 19th-century roots, but it needed a fresh look for the 21st century. The before photo shows a dark exterior and plain entrance that gave the home a drab, dated appearance. The updated front porch proves that even narrow homes can have an expansive outdoor seating area.

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Modern Porch Upgrade

sleek modern home exterior steel columns
Hedrich-Blessing Studio

Modern metal accents update the remodeled front porch, which now features bundled-steel columns and clean-lined metalwork. The see-through metal porch railings also allow a clearer view from inside the house. Two patio chairs and a side table form an outdoor seating area that makes the most of the small space. This front porch remodel demonstrates how small updates can instantly modernize an older residence.

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Portico to Front Porch

home exterior vaulted porch entry

The before photo shows a classic vaulted portico with only a few square feet underneath. The addition of an open porch creates an inviting point of entry for ushering guests in with style. A total front porch remodel helps boost curb appeal and outdoor living space.

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Portico to Front Porch

home front exterior porch entry with landscaping
Beth Singer

The new front porch adds dimension to the home's classic, symmetrical design. New landscaping in the yard and furniture on the porch make the entryway the home's strongest point on interest. Because the columns and porch railings are painted the same white as the house trim, the addition looks like it has been there all along.

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Cape Cod Porch Addition

1940 cape cod blue house exterior

This house, a classic 1940s Cape Cod, got an Arts and Crafts-style facelift with the addition of a 32-foot-long front porch. New exterior paint colors and architectural details refreshed the dated facade. By increasing the amount of usable living space, the front porch remodel changed how the family lives in their home.

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Cape Cod Porch Addition

home exterior white pillars veneer-clad foundation
Susan Gilmore

White pillars and railings add instant character, and the stone veneer-clad foundation makes the front porch addition look as if it has been there for years. A fresh coat of neutral-colored exterior paint makes this house look less beachy and more a part of the neighborhood. Shaded and unshaded porch areas mean this family can enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather.

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Victorian Farmhouse Porch Addition

1890's era Victorian farmhouse

This unwelcoming portico of an 1890's era Victorian farmhouse stops abruptly with enclosed sides. The small, awkward space leaves little room for porch furniture or outdoor living. The house's exterior is enhanced with a 400-square foot porch addition that opens up the facade.

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Victorian Farmhouse Porch Addition

Victorian Farmhouse Porch Addition
Beth Singer

The front porch plans included expanding the tiny patio to wrap around the corner of the house. The railing features intricate balusters that resemble original Victorian millwork, made of high-density urethane that won't need repainting. With more than double the outdoor space and added landscaping, this house barely looks the same!

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New Porch, Added Grandeur

two story home exterior tree-lined lot
Erica George Dines

Before, this stately home seemed closed up and out of touch with the beautiful tree-lined lot. After an elegant front porch addition, the home feels more connected to its surroundings. A bit of construction work and a fresh coat of paint resulted in an incredible transformation.

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New Porch, Added Grandeur

two story home remodel porch landscaping
Erica George Dines

This front porch remodel includes new outdoor living space and beautiful landscaping seamlessly incorporated into the home's exterior. Oversize French doors provide a grand entryway. Tall columns set on a bluestone floor complete the picture of elegance.

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Porch Revival

125-year old Italianate home with porch
Pam Spaulding

Reviving an old porch can also revive the home. The before photo shows a falling-down porch on a 125-year-old Italianate home. Overgrown greenery and faded exterior paint make this place look more haunted than homey.

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Porch Revival

italianate home remodel two-story porch
Pam Spaulding

The after photo shows a restored beauty, complete with new paint that enhances the decorative features of this grand home's facade. The two-story porch extends to fit the entire width of the home for an expansive outdoor space. Ornate details on the pillars and windows make this classic home style stand out from the street.

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Facade Facelift

small white house front exterior

This small, cottage-style home has some charm, but it doesn't quite live up to its full potential. After a front porch remodel, the exterior improves in both form and function. The new porch space enhances curb appeal and provides an additional living area.

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Facade Facelift

1896 home facade entrance white pillars

The new entrance on this 1896 home features wide steps with a gentle curve to the roof above the pillars. The porch is simply furnished with just a few chairs and a porch swing. Though uncomplicated, this home proves that a few good porch ideas for house design can completely transform your home.

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Wrap-around Front Porch

Small Cape Cod home with Garage

A Cape Cod home gets a big upgrade with the addition of a wrap-around front porch. In the before picture, the front yard lacks landscaping and personality. The new front porch design and a garage renovation give the house a more welcoming, functional facade.

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Wrap-around Front Porch

Small Cape Cod home with wrap around porch

By extending the roofline and adding a front porch to a ranch house, before and after pictures show a beautiful transformation that adds both square feet and additional use to the front of the home. No railings mean neighbors can see onto the porch, maximizing street-side charm. Pairs of rocking chairs provide a picturesque spot to sit back and enjoy warm-weather evenings.

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Pretty Porch Architectural Upgrade

two-story Colonial home front exterior

A ho-hum Colonial was devoid of architectural detail. A porch addition helped dress it up with more dimension and interest. The before picture shows the home's potential for a spacious outdoor gathering area; a front porch remodel made it all possible.

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Pretty Porch Architectural Upgrade

two-story front exterior front porch add-on
Peter Walters

Lush landscaping and a flagstone walkway invite passersby to admire the home's shady porch. The deep patio area is wide enough to fit several furniture pieces, so it's ideal for family gatherings. White trim on the railing and columns tie the design in with the rest of the home.

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