This covered, open-air room has all the comforts and style of an indoor living space.

Practical and plush—that's what designer Susie Prince had in mind for the screen porch she and her husband, Victor, added on to their small Atlanta home. What once was a plain wood deck with two plastic Adirondack chairs is now a fully screened-in porch that Prince says feels like an extension of their home.

wooden screened porch
Credit: Robert Peterson

After a day spent outdoors digging in the flowerbeds, the couple comes to this space to relax. They eat meals at the midcentury reproduction dining table and spend time lounging on the woven sofa. 

"This is our de-stress zone nearly year-round," Prince says. "We essentially doubled our home's dining and living room space by adding it."

backyard deck area
view of backyard screened porch
Left: Credit: Courtesy of Susie Prince
Right: Credit: Robert Peterson

They tore out the original deck (and the tiled patio under it), and cleared the way for a 25×12-foot concrete pad. Prince designed the midcentury modern-inspired structure with a shed roof that rises to 12 feet. "It extends our views since the yard goes uphill," she says. A contractor perfected the pitch and added a roof cricket that directs water to gutters. 

mid century style seating on screened porch
furniture in screened porch
Left: Credit: Robert Peterson
Right: Credit: Robert Peterson

And though the space is mostly enclosed, the couple made sure to leave room for outdoor activities. A 5-foot-wide uncovered area gives the couple a safe grilling space they can use to cook dinners or entertain guests. 

Once the construction process was finished, Prince got to work creating a cozy interior. She wanted the screen porch to be functional and comfortable, so she topped the stained concrete floor (practical) with a rug and other furnishings that offer indoor comfort (plush). The resin wicker sofa and outdoor rug hold up if rain blows in and can be hosed off to clean.

"The porch is happy and bright, with nature visible everywhere," she says.


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