30 Enclosed Porch Ideas to Make You Want to Sit and Stay a While

These 30 enclosed porch ideas can add style, comfort, and usability to a three- or four-season room, screened-in porch, or sunroom.

Porch with floral seating and doily rug
Photo: Kim Cornelison

These 30 enclosed porch ideas add function and comfort to a space, providing more opportunities for outdoor living throughout the year. Whether a three- or four-season room, screened-in porch, or sunroom, your indoor-outdoor living area can become an inviting gathering spot or at-home getaway with our simple design tricks. Use these design tips to extend your living space in style.

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Decorating an Indoor Porch

enclosed porch with blue textiles and white curtains
Lincoln Barbour

Enclosed porch ideas for decorating should be used like you would design ideas in a typical living room. Decide on a cohesive color scheme and introduce elements to make the space feel cozy and inviting (like this Better Homes & Gardens Willow Sage Steel Wicker Patio Cuddle Chair, $399, Walmart). An area rug and sheer curtains add softness, while a statement light fixture and wall decor make an indoor porch appear homier and more personalized.

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Modern Enclosed Porch Ideas

screened in porch with high ceiling and lounging furniture
Kim Cornelison

With expansive windows, this vaulted indoor porch blurs the line between indoors and out. Blackened terra-cotta floors in a striking star and cross layout offer durability and gorgeous texture underfoot. The wood-paneled ceiling and exposed whitewashed beams are a lighter look that lets the natural grain show through. The rest of the framing is stained black to give the indoor porch a crisp, modern appearance.

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Inviting Sunroom Ideas

Screened porch wicker furniture
Michael Partenio

Lightweight, durable, and easy to customize, wicker is an ideal material for indoor porch furniture. In this sunroom, the woven material infuses the space with a casual cottage style. The white-painted porch furniture is piled with pillows that add subtle color and pattern while keeping the space comfortable for reading and relaxing.

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Practical Enclosed Porch Ideas

enclosed sunroom with neutral walls, tv, and furniture
Lauren Krysti

When considering sunroom or enclosed porch decorating ideas, think of both practicality and comfort. These indoor-outdoor spaces might receive more wear from sunlight and tracked-in dirt than other living areas, so you should choose durable fabrics and sturdy furnishings wherever possible. Window treatments, rugs, and upholstered furniture made from outdoor-friendly materials will resist fading and stand up well to stains.

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Indoor Porch Dining Room

enclosed porch with dining table and mint green retro chairs
Frances Janisch

A four-season porch offers a charming spot for casual dining and entertaining. Roll out a large indoor-outdoor area rug (such as this Better Homes & Gardens 5x7 foot Black & White Outdoor Striped Rug, $57, Walmart) to cozy up a dining table and chairs, and install light fixtures overhead to accommodate nighttime meals. For the colder months, consider hanging insulating curtains to help keep your indoor porch warm.

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Colorful Porch Accents

Porch with floral seating and doily rug
Kim Cornelison

This indoor porch is a breezy spot to spend spring, summer, and fall days. Dark-stained porch flooring, white furniture and walls, and a jute rug provide a neutral backdrop. Colorful accents, including floral cushions and tabletop accessories, keep the seasonal space sunny and bright. If you're decorating an indoor porch on a budget, limit bold colors to accessories. They're less expensive than large pieces of furniture and easier to update when you crave a change.

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Screened Porch with Fireplace

Porch with fireplace and wicker seating
Brie Williams

An outdoor fireplace makes a beautiful focal point for your porch. This wood-paneled fireplace stretches to the vaulted ceiling, adding warmth and prominence to the screen porch. The naturally textured wood stands out against white-painted floors and walls and ties in with the woodsy view.

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Playful Porch Design

table with flowers by hanging chair on porch
Karin Lidbeck Brent

A coat of light blue paint on the ceiling sets a lighthearted tone on this indoor porch. String lights crisscross above a dining table to provide cozy ambiance in the evening, and a large jute rug offers durable comfort. A hanging rattan swing provides a playful perch for relaxing.

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Indoor Porch Swing

Porch with swing seating and pillows
Marty Baldwin

A ceiling-hung swing provides a fun alternative to traditional porch furniture. If you're an experienced DIYer, you can even build one yourself using wood boards, plywood, and rope. Before you begin, make sure the ceiling framing on your indoor porch is strong enough to support the weight of a two-person swing. Then pile the swing with cushions, pillows, and throw blankets to create a cozy spot for lounging.

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Colorful Indoor Porch Furniture

lime green couch on screened porch
Rick Lew

Lime green seat cushions and turquoise accessories infuse this screened porch with youthful energy. The mismatched collection of porch furniture looks cohesive thanks to white paint, which coordinates with the porch's white framing and the house's white trim. A large painting on one wall adds artistic flair to the outdoor living space.

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Screened Porch Ideas

screen porch with couch and chair
John Bessler

This sunny screened porch welcomes visitors with an eclectic collection of furniture and accessories. Cozy seat cushions atop the wicker sofa and wood chair provide ideal spots for relaxing. A trunk-turned-coffee table offers a surface to place a tray of drinks and a hidden storage area for blankets and spare pillows.

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Indoor Porch Design

indoor porch with skylight
Helen Norman

A small skylight above the seating area in this indoor porch welcomes extra light and views of the sky. The wood-paneled ceiling treatment draws the eye upward and emphasizes the skylight. Screened windows prevent unwanted critters from making their way inside without disrupting any views of the outside.

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Eclectic Enclosed Porch Ideas

screen porch with seating area
Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

In this sunroom, simple, mission-style furniture gets a dose of personality thanks to a handful of colorful decorating touches. In one corner, a blue-painted chair contrasts the look of the other dark wood furnishings. A graphic area rug beneath the coffee table helps ground the seating arrangement in a whimsical enclosed porch idea.

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Indoor to Outdoor Porch

porch with removable screens
Werner Straube

Collapsible screens allow this sunporch to transform from closed and protected to open and airy in no time. A warm color scheme of chocolate brown, lime green, and rusty orange infuses the space with energy. The lattice pattern featured on the furniture adds another layer of visual interest.

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Small Screened Porch Ideas

narrow screened porch with dining table
John Bessler

A narrow screened porch off the back of this home provides a sunny dining spot for the whole family. The red-painted chairs along the sides of the dining table add a splash of color to the neutral space. Screens on all of the windows act as barriers that help keep out unwanted pests.

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Playful Enclosed Porch Ideas

porch with mismatched furniture
Tria Giovan

A collection of mismatched furniture and colorful accessories bring a playful personality to this casual indoor porch. The various patterns blend well because they're all relatively similar in scale. Circular lanterns hanging from the ceiling tie in with the bright color palette and provide ambient lighting when the sun goes down.

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Cozy Indoor Porch

porch with fireplace and blue furniture
Werner Straube

Deep colors and cushioned wicker furniture bring a cozy feeling to this indoor porch. A sisal rug adds texture to the slate tile floors and helps define the seating area. The two-sided fireplace adds warmth and light when the sun goes down.

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Simple Indoor Porch Decor

indoor porch with fireplace, seating area , and dining set
Greg Schiedemann

Simple, mission-style furniture and rough stone accents give this sunporch a down-home feel. The furniture features sleek lines and minimal adornment, which allows the dramatic fireplace to shine. The wooden flooring and ceiling treatment envelops the space with warmth.

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Indoor Porch Color Scheme

screened porch with red, white, and blue furniture
Greg Schiedemann

A patriotic-inspired color palette makes this indoor porch the perfect summertime entertainment station. Gentle reds and pastel pinks mingle with soft blues and crisp white to create a bright, all-American look. Heavy-duty indoor-outdoor fabrics ensure the furniture can withstand everyday wear and tear.

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Mediterrean-Inspired Indoor Porch

stone porch with wooden beams
Alise O'Brien

Reclaimed wood ceiling beams, wrought-iron accents, and stone flooring convey Mediterranean style in this sunporch. French doors along one side of the room welcome visitors from the inside. On the opposite wall, heavy curtains can be thrown open to welcome fresh breezes or closed against harsh sunlight or cold.

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Sunporch Design Ideas

white painted brick porch with wicker furniture
Richard Leo Johnson

White-painted brick walls and large, arched windows welcome the sunshine in this sunporch. Wicker furniture, a staple of most outdoor living spaces, outfits the seating area. Accents of green, such as the seat cushions, blend well with the potted plants and container gardens.

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Traditional Indoor Porch

indoor porch with floor to ceiling windows and teal furniture
Werner Straube

This striking sunroom features dramatic, floor-to-ceiling windows emphasized by the Greek key pattern draperies. The coffee table base echoes the look of a classic Greek column. Traditional-style furniture pieces, such as the sofa and chairs, are dressed with stylish indoor-outdoor fabrics that withstand wear and tear.

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Elegant Indoor Porch

indoor porch with stone walls and high ceilings
Jean Allsopp

Stone walls and a dramatic pitched ceiling make an elegant statement in this indoor porch. The blue-painted ceiling draws the eye upward and emphasizes the room's height. The ceiling color is repeated and echoed through the various patterned throws on the sofa and chairs.

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Cottage-Style Porch

indoor porch with blue and white wicker furniture
Michael Partenio

An infusion of airy cottage style is the perfect enclosed porch idea to complement the flood of natural light that fills this window-lined space. First, mimic the look of a classic cottage front porch by installing beaded board on the ceiling. Then decorate with plenty of wicker accessories, flowers, and soft, bright colors such as aqua or coral. If you're enclosing an open-air porch, create continuity using the same trim and window styles in the enclosure as the rest of your home.

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Cabin-Style Screened Porch

screened porch with green dining set
Richard Leo Johnson

A large dining table and camp-style seats offer plenty of room for a crowd in this cabin-style screened porch. Candles atop a low-hanging metal beam incorporate subtle warmth and ambient lighting into the space. The bundled branch coffee table nearby also makes a nod to outdoor living.

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Painted Porch

screened porch with lime green dining set
Michael Partenio

Give your porch a boost with a few shades of paint. Revive worn chairs with a coat of paint in a bright hue, or try painting your door a striking color. Black paint turns this ornately trimmed door into a worthy focal point.

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Lounging Indoor Porch Furniture

screened porch with lounge chairs
Greg Schiedemann

Comfortable furniture, like these lounge chairs and chaise, add to the inviting appeal of a light-soaked sunroom or enclosed porch. These laidback pieces invite afternoon naps and kicking back with a good book. For added comfort, incorporate plush pillows and a soft area rug.

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Small Indoor Porch

Closed in porch with bistro set
John Bessler

Make the most of a small porch with slender furniture that doesn't take up too much space. A small bistro table and chairs (like this Better Homes & Gardens Willow Sage 3-Piece Bistro Set with Wicker Table, $344, Walmart) add a functional dining area to this home's casual porch without overwhelming the tight space like a larger set would. The narrow lines of the furniture also take up less visual space, allowing for a clearer view outdoors.

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Indoor Porch Color Schemes

olive green porch with red accents
Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

The muted khaki-and-olive palette on this indoor porch needed a little vibrancy, provided by a few raspberry accents and bright orange chairs. The contrasting color scheme pairs with a variety of textures to give the room life. Wicker chairs, a jute rug, and billowy curtains soften the crisp lines of the porch railings and columns.

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Enclosed Porch Ideas for Dining

sunroom with white dining table and wicker chairs
John Bessler

Add the functionality of a dining room to an enclosed porch with a few essential furniture pieces. Start with an intimate round table and comfortable chairs, then incorporate a sideboard, credenza, or buffet. A versatile piece of furniture like this adds storage and a place to set up food and drinks for a porch dinner party.

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