Sofas to sisals, pillows to plants, this porch has all the lovely, comfy layers of a good living room. Come on in and see how it all works together.


One reason this porch is so inviting: The furniture looks like it could have been borrowed from inside. Exposed frames, backs, and legs make the sofa and chair lighter-looking (and weighing) versions of their indoor counterparts. Painted wood and rattan work outdoors in a space that's protected from the elements, like this one, and outdoor fabric is a must.


Ever hear the one about the shoemaker's children going barefoot? Estee Stanley can relate. She's designed houses for and dressed A-listers --JessicaBiel, Lea Michele, and Ellen Pompeo are on speed-dial -- and just opened Au Fudge, a family-friendly eatery in L.A. But making her own screen porch ready for summertime chilling kept getting back-burnered by her crazy schedule. So Estee collaborated with The Studio at One Kings Lane, the decor retailer's in-house design service for regular folks (no Walk of Fame star required). They took a look at the long, narrow space, listened to how she wanted to use it, and assimilated her boho-vintage taste. "I wanted it to feel loungey, with multiple seating areas and a game table," Estee says. That's exactly what she got. Two separate seating areas each have a low-slung sofa for lounging (or a killer nap) plus comfy but lightweight chairs that can go where they're needed. Indigo blues, pinks, oranges, and rattan talk to each other across the room. In the center of it all is a round table that can host party snacks, dinner, or a hard-core card game. "This is going to be Party Central this summer," Estee says.



A dresser outdoors? On an interior wall in a covered porch, absolutely. Think of it as the bar cart 2.0 -- with room up top for pouring drinks and hidden storage in the drawers for cocktail gear and dishes.

organized drawers

To make different zones of a room look cohesive but not too perfectly matched, practice controlled repetition. Navy Sunbrella fabric makes this vintage rattan settee relate to the new one across the room. The rug, chairs, and pouf repeat, but the lamp and pillows don't.


For a porch that feels like a real room, remember lamps. Pulled out and topped with a tray, the pouf becomes a cocktail table.

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