9 Fall Porches We Love

Looking for some fresh fall front porch ideas? Whether you have a balcony, a wraparound porch, or just a small stoop, you can add fall touches to your space with pumpkins, mums, and cornstalks.

1. Farmhouse Touches

Image courtesy of House of Hawthornes. 

Easily achieve a farmhouse look this fall with a few inexpensive fall decorating ideas. The traditional farmhouse decor pieces that decorate this space are easy to find at your local craft store, and if you get them early enough, you might be able to find them on sale! Vintage furniture, a quilt to make things cozy, farm tools, galvanized buckets, and fruit baskets all add up to the quintessential fall farmhouse porch. See more from House of Hawthornes.

2. Neutral Elements Add Up

Image courtesy of An Oregon Cottage.

Fall decorating doesn't have to be orange. This pale yellow house from An Oregon Cottage looks fabulous with the subtle colors of the white and green pumpkins and hydrangeas. This look creates a soft and neutral fall porch that will easily extend past Halloween, as all the best outdoor fall decorations do. 

3. Neutral Fall Decor from the Garden

Image courtesy of Hymns and Verses. 

This fall porch is so inviting with natural elements in soft colors and textures. We love the inexpensive fall decorating ideas and vintage elements like a nutcracker and drink dispenser. These simple touches add to the welcoming feeling this neutral color scheme evokes. See more ideas from Hymns & Verses.

4. Traditional Mums and Pumpkins

Image courtesy of Refresh Restyle.

Mums and pumpkins are staple cheap fall decorations for outside. A simple symmetrical display, like this one from Refresh Restyle, creates an inviting statement on any front porch. We love this setup of a perfectly framed door and festive steps. Use mums of the same color and similar-size pumpkins, and place them on opposite sides of steps and doorways to create this look and feel.

5. Add a Large Container

If you have the space, add a large container like a wheelbarrow or wagon to your list of cute fall porch ideas. Fill it with an assortment of fall elements, such as bittersweet, pumpkins, gourds, and leaves. We love the idea of adding a message to the pumpkins! This decoration can easily span the fall holidays, taking you right through Thanksgiving.

6. Frame Your Door

If you don't have a large porch to decorate, think vertically—add cornstalks and a leaf garland around the door. This vertical display will give you a big impact without taking up a lot of space. For front porch decorating ideas on a budget, buy faux seasonal garlands instead of real. Nowadays, these can look convincingly realistic and can be used year after year. 

Create a rainbow of autumnal hues with this simple-to-make wreath. Use dried leaves, fresh flowers, and pine cones to create an ombre design that'll stand out from the street.

7. Layer, Then Layer Some More

Add dimension to your fall front porch with plenty of layers. Once you have your decor, sort it by height—the tallest items should go in the back and the smallest up front. Add more variety in height by using hay bales as platforms to hold lanterns or pumpkins. Bring depth to your fall front porch decorations with textured long grasses to fill the gaps. And don't forget the pretty fall wreaths!

8. Get Spooky

October is the one time each year you can get truly spooky with your outdoor decorations, so put those cute fall porch ideas aside. Because the timeframe is so limited, you probably don't want to lay down big bucks for a few spiderwebs or jack-o'-lanterns. Instead, opt for spooky DIY projects to get in the spirit without leaving a dent in your wallet. This larger-than-life spiderweb was made with braided rope. It's unique, inexpensive, and haunting enough to spook the neighborhood kids. 

9. Make a Nook

Fall weather makes us crave a cup of tea or a pumpkin spice latte. To make your outdoor fall decorations more functional, include a cozy bench or seating area to sip your beverage of choice on a crisp morning or afternoon. Weatherproof pillows will provide extra comfort and a sturdy blanket will bring warmth. And, of course, the more pumpkins, the merrier!

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  1. With so many people trying to go "minimalist", it would be nice to see some arrangements which are not so cluttered and "busy". Sometimes "less is more". These are fine for those who like them, but how about something practical for those who don't want "over the top"? I can come up with my own, but perhaps more variety would be helpful for those who need it

    1. If a person prefers "minimalist" then take or use the minimal inspiration preferred. For some many of the vignettes shown are minimal. Some add, some take away.

    2. Agreed! How about small arrangements for the apartment dweller?!

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