These stylish and creative fire pit seating ideas will make your outdoor area cozy, comfy, and chic.

By Jamie Lott

All it takes are a few leaves on the ground and a cool breeze to bring to mind autumn evenings by the fire. It doesn't hurt if "by the fire" looks like this! This unbelievable DIY Pergola Fire Pit boasts swing seating, outdoor lights, and the perfect backdrop for every holiday celebration.

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Photo credit: Lauren Ashworth of Stillwater Farm

2. Outdoor Living Room

For climates where it's practical, invest in an all-weather sofa, like this rattan sectional, and create a dedicated outdoor living space that's functional year-round. Some of the best living areas are outside and allocating your space will encourage you to take full advantage of the outdoors. Plus, it provides a great spot for gathering when you put together a fete on the fly.

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3. Overflow Seating

Most of the time, it might just be you and your family who enjoy cool nights by the fire. But around the cool holiday seasons and because a good fire is always best shared, plan for additional seating that won't take up tons of extra storage space during the rest of the year.

Instead of opting for traditional seating, try outdoor floor cushions or ottomans like these Braided Hemp Ottomans from CB2. They allow you to quickly offer seating to extra guests when necessary. They have a small footprint in terms of storage but still exhibit style and comfort. And they're easily placed in and around your other seating, so guests still feel like part of the crowd.

4. DIY Stump Seats

If your overflow crowds are often quite large and buying additional seating is impractical, you can always opt for DIY seats. These stump seats, cut from fallen trees, allow you to create all the seating you could possibly need. You know they will withstand the elements, plus they're free!

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5. Faux Fireplace

What if you don't have a fire pit? Whether your climate makes a fire pit unnecessary or space makes it impossible, you can still have cozy seating near a faux fireplace. Complete with logs and a mantel, this faux outdoor fireplace adds warmth without the heat. Pair it with a large rustic table and benches for a perfect setting for your fall gatherings.

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