Backyard Party: Pretty with Paint

Table settings
Make your backyard table fun and a little funky with bright colors and paint embellishments.

Bold Party Scheme

Add pizzazz to a teak outdoor dining set with a colorful umbrella, paper lanterns, and pretty paint swirls and stripes.

Scallop Edges

Jazz up a stock plastic table cloth by adding a flirty finish. Cut scallops around the perimeter as an easy embellishment.

Pretty Paper Lanterns

Group paper lanterns en masse for greater impact. If you can't find patterned lanterns, paint plain white versions to match your party decor.

Stylish Seating

Stitch together a pair of fabric napkins on three sides to make a seat cushion cover. Napkins are cheaper than most yardage, already hemmed, and slip off easily for washing. To add a colorful motif, mix acrylic paints with fabric medium and apply stripes.

Refreshing Stripes

Add bands of color to a clear plastic pitcher and tumblers using glass paints and a narrow brush. Be sure to paint only the outside surface of the glassware and avoid the rims.

Take Charge with a Charger

With only crafts paint and a stencil you can put a colorful spin on plain patio picnic ware. Use a stamp and acrylic paint to spruce up plastic chargers. Warning: Painted chargers aren't food-safe, so use another smaller plate on top.

Floral Accents

Use a curvy two-piece planter designed to fit around an umbrella as a space-saving centerpiece. Transform a plain terra-cotta planter with a fresh coat of white ceramic paint. Finish off the design with acrylic-paint stripes.

Pick a Party Palette

Choose two or three colors for your party color palette, and dress the table with silverware, dishes, and napkins in these colors.

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