Tricked out right, an ordinary potting bench becomes a leave-it-out-all-summer sideboard for storing and serving.
Garden Potting Bench

To create an outdoor party station, first pick a sturdy potting bench with a large counter for serving and a shelf wide enough to hold a drink dispenser. This version has all that, plus a simple design and galvanized-metal finish that meshes with any style or color of deck, porch, or patio.

If your potting bench doesn't have bottom shelves, add a low, sturdy shelving unit, preferably one on wheels. Slide it out to hold a beverage tub during the party; slide it back to store party gear.

Sleek plastic boxes store outdoor glasses and serving pieces right where you use them. A zippered pouch keeps plates at the ready.

Grab-and-Go Utensils

bar tools, galvanized metal, metal

Utensils need a place they can be kept within easy reach for frequent use. Snap a magnetic pencil cup to your metal potting bench, and your cocktail tools will always have a home. Use multiple containers to separate tools by function for extra organization.

Divide and Conquer

bar equipment and eating utensils in tray on rack

A compartmentalized storage bin is great as a party tackle kit—holding supplies needed for bartending or table setting. If your bin is not made with smaller sections, get a partitioned insert to break up your large box. Put the lid on when you're not using it to keep candles dry and tools clean.

Keep Your Cool

cocktail bottles in ice chest on rack

You don't have to store a bulky drinks tub. The same big bin you use to stash glasses and barware between parties transforms into a great ice bucket. When the party is over, dump, dry, and repack with supplies.

Shelf Help

bar tools, drinks, galvanized

Keep an eye out for helpful accessories that can make your potting bench a storage hub. Easy add-ons like stick-on lights, a magnetic hook, and a sliding basket make the bench even handier for impromptu parties. Plus, these add-ons are movable for easy reorganization at different types of gatherings.


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