17 Pool House and Pavilion Ideas to Create an Outdoor Destination

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Find ideas and inspiration for a grand pavilion patio structure for outdoor relaxation and entertaining.

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Pool House Perfection


A pool house gives swimmers a place to change, freshen up, and enjoy a snack or drink. Such a structure is convenient for pool parties, saving guests the trek from pool to house in dripping swimsuits—and saving you the hassle of cleanup after the party. This one includes a bar, a bedroom, and a bath.

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Cottage-Style Pavilion


Create a light and graceful look with a layered grid and latticework support columns. Here, this pavilion is the perfect backdrop for the glimmering pool. It provides ample space for outdoor furniture, allowing a cozy meal under the shade.

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Airy Pavilion


Many pavilions are completed with closed or solid roofs, but this one boasts a vented roof. Such a roof still provides shade from the sun, but it adds to the airy quality of the pavilion. Here, the vented roof rests on classically fluted columns, and a trellis enables privacy from the neighboring yard.

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Year-Round Pool House


If a pool house seems like too much of an investment for a seasonal-use structure, give it the size and strength to serve as guest quarters year-round. This columned version includes a bedroom, bath, living area, and kitchenette.

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Classy Cabana


This cabana, with its solid roof, has both an open-air and a sheltered feel. The structure houses a bath and changing rooms, a snack bar, gas grill, refrigerator, and a cozy seating area. An old jukebox inside provides water music.

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Doors for Seasonal Appeal


Create added privacy and protection to your pavilion with sliding glass doors and full-length curtains. The doors can easily be left wide open to allow the shaded area to flow easily into the deck, but the doors can close out the sun or mosquitoes. Similar hues are used on both the deck and pavilion to ensure continuity throughout the space.

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Screened-In Pavilion


For protection from mosquitoes and other pesky insects, a screen is the perfect addition to your pavilion. The screen allows the pavilion to function as a place for dining as well as enjoying other outdoor activities. Unlike solid glass, the screen fabric enables the space to remain airy and comfortable. Here, a dining table and chairs provide a perfect place to enjoy a friendly cookout, while potted plants frame the doorway, beckoning others to join the fun.

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Maximize the Potential

white canopy deck

Placing a pool or spa close to a deck strengthens the outdoor potential of both. This multilevel deck is a destination of its own and a corridor to the pool. The hot tub is close by, too, but the deck's structure helps screen and seclude it from the house.

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Tropical Romance

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This pavilion has a formal, traditional look that is in keeping with the pool style. The tropical plantings, however, create romance and mystery. With columns next to palm trees, the area feels less like a backyard pool and more like a hidden pond in the jungle.

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Inspiring 1940s Modernism


A classic pavilion is not always the best structure for your outdoor décor. Here, the clean lines reflect the 1940s modernism of the design—the perfect backdrop for the swimming pool. A fireplace in the center ensures that the pavilion is the perfect gathering place for a cool evening, while comfortable chairs provide a cozy place to watch the kids in the pool or enjoy an afternoon snack.

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Match Your Pavilion with Your Home


Make sure that your pavilion is a beautiful addition to your outdoor décor by matching the style and color with that of your house. Here, the stucco frame and yellow paint go together perfectly with the main house. A walkway invites guests to enjoy the view from the pavilion, while latticework screening adds privacy. A large dining set and overhead chandelier ensures that the pavilion can be used at all hours of the day.

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Large Pavilion Boasts of Two Separate Areas


A large pavilion can be an idyllic backdrop for your swimming pool. With its roofline, columns, and tongue-and-groove ceiling treatment, this expansive pavilion has Arts and Crafts sensibilities. Double columns add a personal touch to the structure, while a fireplace at one end ensures warmth once the sun sets. An ample amount of space creates a lounge area at one end of the pavilion, while a dining set at the other end provides a cozy place to enjoy an evening meal.

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Pavilion with Climbing Ivy


Add to your pavilion décor with ivy that climbs the columns and wire guides of the structure. The greenery adds a tropical appeal to the poolside pavilion while softening the exterior. The area offers protection from the sun, and a simple overhead fan creates an added breeze for those that enjoy a carefree meal under the shade.

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Pavilion Shapes that Complement Your Landscape


Terra-cotta tiles and concrete pillars are the perfect materials for a Mediterranean-style pavilion. Here, the round roof is a perfect addition to the landscape with the round spa below. Low walls echo those found throughout the rest of the area, ensuring that the pavilion is the perfect addition. Landscape plants, such as bird-of-paradise and bougainvillea, wrap both the pavilion and pool, creating low-maintenance elegance that brings the décor together.

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British Colonial Pavilion


Add a leisurely space to your home with a restful pavilion that provides a serene backdrop for your pool. This pavilion was inspired by British Colonial architecture, and is softened with greenery that scales the columns. The same brick that surrounds the pool is used on the stairs leading to the pavilion, creating a sense of continuity. A comfy furniture set provides a cozy place to relax and get away from the harsh rays of the sun. Outdoor lighting makes the retreat suitable at all hours.

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Laminated Glass Roof Pavilion


Allow sunlight to filter through your pavilion with a laminated glass roof that still protects from the harsh rays of the sun. The light paint ensures that this pavilion remains airy and reflects the heat from the sun. An outdoor grill is nestled in a low wall to separate the pavilion from the rest of the patio. Outdoor furniture and a dining table create a perfect place to enjoy a summer cookout.

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Changing-Room Style

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Even a small building adds to the fun of having a pool. Whether you choose to install a bathroom, a small kitchen, or even just a couple of changing rooms, make it a structure you'll enjoy looking at whenever you're entertaining or using the pool area.

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