Patio Tour: Outdoor Room with Fire Pit, Fountain, and Arbor

A patio perfect for entertaining and enjoying nature brings life to a quiet garden.

Outdoor Patio Oasis

A stylish St. Louis patio proves that it's possible to extend a comfortable home outside.

The owners of this patio wanted an outdoor living space that mimicked the interior of their home and allowed them to appreciate their expertly tended garden. Their stone fountain helps establish a peaceful ambience and offers plenty of seating.

From Garden, Deck & Landscape® Magazine.

Patio Dining Room

A teak table and chairs bring all the comforts of the indoors out to the patio. A charming cottage-style garage, complete with white trim, gable with a circular glass window, and stylish glass door, provides a delightful backdrop for this outdoor dining area.

From Garden, Deck & Landscape® Magazine.

Contemporary Arbor

A contemporary cedar and steel arbor frames the patio and adds a "ceiling" to this outdoor room. Near the top of the 11-foot-tall columns are tapered cantilever beams, which eliminate the need to place support posts in the middle of the patio. Each cable has a turnbuckle that can be tightened if the cable becomes slack.

From Garden, Deck & Landscape® Magazine.

Bluestone Paver Flooring

The patio's bluestone pavers provide an elegant "floor" for this outdoor room. The same pavers are used inside the house, further tying together the indoors and the out.

From Garden, Deck & Landscape® Magazine.

Arbor Hardware

The arbor's natural tones match the patio, and its stainless steel hardware produces contrasting contemporary highlights.

From Garden, Deck & Landscape® Magazine.

Garden Grasses

A row of grasses creates a living "wall" between the patio and the driveway. The house, garage, and fence complete the patio's enclosure.

From Garden, Deck & Landscape® Magazine.

Arbor Ambience

The arbor uses six columns in a large arc, a feature that visually enlarges the space. Low-voltage lights between the cedar posts that make up the columns offer indirect lighting for evening garden parties.

From Garden, Deck & Landscape® Magazine.

Arbor with Cantilever Design

Each of the six arbor columns consists of four 3x3-inch cedar posts connected with stainless steel bolts and metal banding. The unusual cantilever design allows the arbor to be supported on only one side, leaving the patio free of pillars and with more space to entertain.

From Garden, Deck & Landscape® Magazine.

Outdoor Living Room

Structures and plants effectively create "walls" and a "ceiling" for this outdoor room. Consistent architecture and use of color unifies the whole property. A seating area and dining set bring indoor comforts outside, while a fire pit and a fountain ensure a pleasant ambience any time of year.

From Garden, Deck & Landscape® Magazine.

Colorful Container Garden

Ornamental grasses, pink Girard azaleas, Liriope, dwarf Russian sage, and vining clematis all add bursts of fall color to the neutral backdrop of the patio. Seating throughout the patio creates quiet corners to reflect on the natural beauty.

From Garden, Deck & Landscape® Magazine.

Bamboo Fence

A bamboo fence surrounding the space adds a vertical element that mimics the arbor while muffling neighborhood sounds. Horizontal lines on the globe-shape planters contradict the vertical lines of the fence, which also serves to hide an air-conditioning unit.

From Garden, Deck & Landscape® Magazine.

Garden Plan

The innovative curved arbor, stylish outdoor furniture, and colorful garden combine to create a personalized space that is as comfortable as it is beautiful.

From Garden, Deck & Landscape® Magazine.

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