A Bold Outdoor Room Makeover

Create this relaxing outdoor room in just one afternoon -- then enjoy it all summer.

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    Before: Empty Patio

    This patio was bland wasted space. With a few easy projects it was transformed quickly into a beautiful bohemian retreat.

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    After: Tropical Oasis

    Tie-dye and solid curtain panels define a soothing oasis beneath a second-story deck. Easy projects, such as embellished pillar candles, and a coffee table decorated with wood trivets lend flavor to this exotic, temporary getaway.

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    Tie-Dye Panels

    Add color to inexpensive white cotton panels with fabric dye. Shirr the panels, interspersed with solid panels for contrast, on dowels and hang each dowel from two cup hooks.

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    Coffee Table

    Embellish a coffee table with wood trivets, and then paint the whole thing a high-energy citron hue. The shelf provides storage for extra pillows.

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    Ribbon Pendant

    Use hot glue to attach lengths of ribbon to a round wire frame and embellish with strands of beads to make this lantern-like accent.

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    Colorful Strand

    Paint wood discs and rings (from a crafts store), drill two small holes in each, and thread on fishing line to make your own hanging accents, a bargain alternative to ready-made wood and capiz-shell strands.

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    Stenciled Serving Tray

    Stencil a wood serving tray, then fasten it to a vintage plant stand with glue and short screws (so the screw tips don't protrude) for a chic drinks stand that keeps your sangria handy.

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    Candle Jewelry

    Slip stretchy bead bracelets (from an import store) around pillar candles. Be sure lit candles don't burn too close to the bracelets.

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