How to Build a Pallet Coffee Table

Craft an outdoor table on the cheap with this easy how-to guide.

When green living reaches into outdoor spaces, it begins with Earth-friendly materials and designs. Look for options that are recycled or repurposed, like this pallet table.

What You'll Need:

  • Two wooden pallets
  • Planter box
  • Measuring tape
  • Framing square
  • Saber saw
  • 100-grit sandpaper
  • Eight mending plates
  • 24 wood screws (1 1⁄4-inch)
  • Drill
  • Four concrete half-blocks
  • Paint brush
  • Primer
  • Exterior paint

Step 1

To cut a hole for the planter, use the long edge of the planter box as a guide; draw the first cut line on the top pallet.

Measure the width of the planter at its widest: just below the lip. Transfer that measurement to mark the second cut line.

Step 2

Using the framing square, draw the third and fourth cut lines on the pallet parallel to the first two lines.

Step 3

Cut an opening in the top pallet for the planter box using a saber saw and following the cut lines. Sand the edges of the opening

Step 4

Stack the pallets bottom to bottom. Position a mending plate near the outside corners of the pallets and mark holes. Drill pilot holes, then use wood screws to attach the plates, securing the pallets together.

Step 5

Apply primer to the concrete half-blocks and to the pallets. Allow the primer to dry overnight, then apply one or two coats of exterior-grade paint to the blocks and the pallet. When dry, place a block under each corner of the pallet to support it.

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