21 Outdoor Room Ideas That Enhance Your Favorite Spaces

A well-designed addition can have a stunning effect on your home. Ranging in style, color, and detail, outdoor decor is a fun way to create an extension of your favorite living spaces. Find ideas from stylish outdoor kitchens to intimate conversation areas.

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Backyard Oasis #1

Shade, patio, sun umbrella

Set the Scene

Surrounded by bright colors, stucco walls, and tropical plants, why bother globe-trotting? This Asian-island-inspired backyard oasis is the perfect spot to entertain guests and enjoy nature. An oversize umbrella ties the outdoor room elements together, providing guests a place to socialize in the shade.

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Backyard Oasis #2

Backyard Oasis

Table for Entertaining

Between the seating and cooking areas can be an ideal spot for a dining table. This long table provides ample room for hosting a dinner party. A turquoise-stained concrete patio resembles cool water for an added tropical setting.

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Backyard Oasis #3

Backyard Oasis

Play with Shapes

Strong geometric shapes take center stage in this outdoor space. Structural elements, like the curving wall of the patio, are offset with bold patterns. Here, floral printed throw pillows play off of the tropical plant surround, while a striped accent rug grounds the seating area. Paper lanterns illuminate the space and provide an Asian-influenced ambiance.

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Backyard Oasis #4

Patio grilling station

Amenities for an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor amenities can make your patio or deck perfect for entertaining. This outdoor kitchen comes complete with a grill, refrigerator, sink, and plenty of counter space. The homeowner built the cabinet boxes from exterior-grade plywood and fronted them with durable ipe wood, which is both weather and insect-resistant. The cabinets were finished with a UV sealer for additional protection.

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Backyard Oasis #5

Backyard Oasis

Strategic Countertops

The countertops are tiled with limestone. Using a natural stone for outdoor kitchen countertops equals a work surface that can withstand freeze and thaw cycles. The kitchen doesn't have overhead protection, so the countertops are sloped slightly away from the house to allow rainwater and other moisture to drain, preventing standing water.

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Backyard Oasis #6

Backyard Oasis

Weather-Resistant Materials

Waterproof receptacles supply the electricity for this outdoor living space. Made from durable materials to outlast the elements, an on-deck shower provides a place to rinse off before heading inside. An interior switch for the plumbing allows water to be turned off and drained from inside the home during colder months.

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Fast & Fabulous Decorating

Give your outdoor room a style upgrade with these quick, easy, and affordable ideas.

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Cozy Courtyard #1

Cozy Courtyard

Open Invitation

Make your outdoor room a fun place to entertain with all the amenities: comfortable seating, a cozy fire pit, natural plantings, and a food prep station. The layout of the room lets food go straight from grill to table while giving guests plenty of room to socialize.

Landscape Lighting Tips

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Cozy Courtyard #2

Cozy Courtyard

Focus on Entertaining

The backyard includes a full outdoor kitchen. The L-shape concrete bar is equipped with space-saving under-the-counter appliances, including a refrigerator, icemaker, trash collector, warming and utility drawers, and a grill.

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Cozy Courtyard #3

Cozy Courtyard

Elements of Style

Natural materials create a cohesive look from the front of the house to the back. Here, Abalone shells and river stones clad the fire pit and stylistically sync with the base of the bar.

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Small Deck Makeover #1

Small Deck Makeover

Just-Right Shading

A canopy system and right-size furnishings turn this deck into an inviting hangout. Retractable shade panels on a sliding track are attached to the pergola and block the sun's rays. The panels' neutral taupe color makes them look like an extension of the home.

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Small Deck Makeover #2

Small Deck Makeover

Perfect Size

For smaller spaces, a quaint outdoor dining table and chairs are perfect for enjoying a casual meal and taking in the great outdoors. Here, a modest-size dining set with armless chairs provides ample seating without taking up too much space. Playful chartreuse seat cushions add zip to the deck's honey-hue stain, and potted plants embellish this outdoor oasis.

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Small Deck Makeover #3

Small Deck Makeover

Decorate with Durable Furniture

Create a cozy place to relax outdoors with outdoor furniture that can withstand the elements. Weather-worthy furniture is stylish, durable, and easy to care for. This seating area is composed of two recycled plastic chairs and a wicker ottoman that does double duty as a footrest and a coffee table.

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Small Deck Makeover #4

Small Deck Makeover

Hidden Assets

Maximize your outdoor living area by rethinking the position of your appliances. The grill is tucked under the concrete countertop, leaving more room on the deck for furniture. When it's time to fire up the grill, it can easily be pulled out -- and just as easily be tucked away after it has cooled.

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Small Deck Makeover #5

Small Deck Makeover

Versatile Outdoor Pieces

A low-profile cedar bench is perfect for in-the-moment needs; it maximizes seating on this deck and is easy to move around. Striped outdoor throw pillows cushion seating spots and add playful color that can be easily changed with the season.

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Small Deck Makeover #6

Outdoor fabric, patios, outdoor curtains

Two-In-One Outdoor Room

Blend the rest of your backyard to stage a perfect space for outdoor living. A walk-out patio below the deck offers additional seating in the shade with a dining set and hammock swing. Fabric curtains give the option of creating more privacy or blocking sunlight.

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How to Choose Deck Materials

Planning a deck makeover? Learn about the latest and greatest deck materials, plus find out which one is right for your home, location, and budget.

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Beach Getaway #1

Under Cover Porch

Indoors to Outdoors

Turn a basic deck into a true living room by creating an inviting place to chat with friends and family. Here, a ready-made gazebo tent is integrated into the decorating scheme to offer protection from the sun and creates an intimate setting. A dining-height table does double duty as a coffee table and eating area for alfresco meals, while an attractive synthetic rug is an affordable option to ground the space.

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Beach Getaway #2

Beach Getaway

Splendid Shades

Nature-inspired accessories and outdoor furniture create easy comfort in this outdoor space. Roller shades attached to the tent rails provide additional protection from the sun and privacy, making the vintage teak daybed a perfect spot for backyard lounging.

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Beach Getaway #3

Beach Getaway

Barely-There Storage

Pretty pillows and cozy throws make a space feel lived-in and homey. Use a wicker basket to store nonweather resistant pillows and throws. The basket can easily be transported outdoors, and provides a designated spot to toss items that need to go indoors when the weather turns less than favorable.

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Beach Getaway #4

Beach Getaway

Blend into Your Surroundings

Weather-resistant fabric panels provide a romantic backdrop to this outdoor room, hiding the tent's structure and giving the space an intimate, enclosed feel. An assortment of potted plants blends the room with the yard.

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