Easy Ways to Organize Garden Gear

Tired of wasting time searching for the specific gardening tools you need? Use one -- or more! -- of these creative storage ideas to keep all of your gardening supplies neat and tidy.

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    Horticulture Host

    Load a patio serving cart with plants, tools, and pots, then wheel the all-in-one gardening center wherever you need it to go. Purchase a cart with wire or slatted shelves to allow for drainage and easy cleanup.


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    Raw Materials

    Build your own custom potting bench from 2x4s and plywood. For a long table, include a central leg for stability and support. Sand away potential splinters, then paint, stain, or apply polyurethane to preserve a rugged look. The shelf above this potting bench was created using an old wooden palette.

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    Hanging Out

    Transform a kitchen towel bar into a patio storage space. Using S-hooks, dangle potted herbs, gardening supplies, or barbecue tools from the thin metal bar. 

    Tip: Use chalkboard paint to label herbs!

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    Found Order

    Rescued from the trash and hung high on a wall, a bookcase offers long, shallow shelves ideal for organizing garden containers. Below the bookcase stands a dresser. The top of the dresser was wrapped with tin, which allows the piece to function as a convenient potting bench. 

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    Handy Helpers

    Keep frequently used gardening tools close at hand using a key rack affixed to the side of a potting bench. Hat and coat hooks work well for larger or more substantial items.


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    Top 5 Garden Tools

    The Better Homes and Gardens experts share their favorite tools that every gardener should own.

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    Garden Central

    Create an all-in-one gardening center with nothing more than a corkboard and some office supplies. Cover the corkboard with burlap and add wall-mount file bins, binder clips, and miniature baskets to create a go-to spot for gardening catalogs, planting guides, seed packets, and markers.

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    Plus-Size Storage

    In this potting shed, large galvanized-steel basins keep garden tools upright in the corner and corral bags of soil and fertilizer. Roomy canvas bags placed on higher shelves store outdoor cushions and towels.

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    Inside Out

    If space allows, furnish your garage with a dedicated gardening corner. Outfit the space using repurposed indoor items, such as display shelves, a peg-style coat rack, and kitchen cabinets and countertops. Plentiful storage space will keep necessary items on hand but will reduce the amount of visible clutter.

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