Whether you consider yourself a gardener, a potting bench can add precious storage space to your outdoor areas. Use these 9 creative ideas for potting benches to get organized outside.
bright green China cabinet made into a garden center

Everyone has that one piece of furniture that takes up precious space in their home yet lacks function. Repurpose it with a fresh coat of exterior paint and let it hold all of your outdoor tools. This old hutch became an outdoor potting station complete with interior hooks, chicken wire cabinet fronts, and open bottom shelving. Consider housing holiday decorations in an ancient armoire or paint supplies in a vintage nightstand—the storage possibilities are endless.

Entertaining Station

Garden Potting Bench

Make outdoor entertaining easier by keeping essential party items nearby. Stock a potting bench with silverware, glasses, napkins—anything that you would normally be running into the house to grab for guests every five minutes. When not in use, the station can store extra serving utensils, bulky coolers, or serving trays.

Recycled Style

gardening bench

For a cost-effective outdoor storage solution, look no further than secondhand furniture. Scour vintage shops, thrift stores, and flea markets to find the perfect potting bench, then stock it with all your outdoor essentials. We're particularly fond of this green bench—the weathered finish gives it a rustic look that you don't have to worry about damaging.

Bright and Cheery

garden organization

Outdoor storage solutions don't have to be boring. Look for a stylish potting bench, then paint it a fun, bright color like this airy powder blue. Accessories, such as a floating shelf, coat rack, and trellis, ensure that every item has a proper place. A tiered dessert tray organizes seeds and small containers, while baskets keep garden magazines organized below.

Beverage Depot

Garden Potting Bench

Trade rose pruners for rosé and turn a basic potting bench into a wine station. Wire racks installed under the top shelf hold stemware, ice-filled buckets keep your favorite summer sips cool, and hooks drilled into the side keep towels on hand for any sticky situations. Store your potting bench bar on a deck or patio to keep happy hour going all summer long.

Super Simple

Garden Potting Bench

When all you need is storage for a few outdoor staples, opt for a simple potting bench. Your space will look clean and fresh, plus you won't be bogged down by items you don't use. Look for a traditional wooden bench, and fill it with basic garden gear like a hose, garden gloves, and a few pots.

Go for the Garage

Storage smart garages

If you have the space, use a potting bench in your garage for extra storage. This is a great spot to store items that need to stay dry, like rust-prone tools and fabric garden gear. Wire shelving units above the potting bench provide additional storage for watering cans, seasonal accessories, and bulk items.

Gardening Post

Garden Potting Bench

If you're going to store your potting bench outside, it needs to be tough. Consider a metal unit that can survive all four seasons. And when stocking the shelves, consider how each item will stand up to the elements. Don't stash any valuable items or anything that can't stand up to the weather. Instead, stock your potting bench with hand tools, pots, and spare soil.

Curtain Call

Garden Potting Bench

Instead of cleaning up your potting bench after planting, wouldn't it be nice to draw a curtain and let the mess disappear? Curtains below the workspace keep dirty gardening supplies, unsightly objects, and any other disarray hidden. Try fabric in a bright color or bold pattern for a fun addition to any potting bench.


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