How to Make This Charming DIY Outdoor Bar in a Weekend

Raise the bar for your outdoor living space with a DIY beverage center that is stocked with glassware, cocktail tools, fresh fruit, and more.

vintage diy bar

Nothing beats enjoying an ice cold drink outside during the summer. But sometimes it's too much of a hassle to lug heavy glasses and pitchers outside. Instead, store all of your cocktail essentials in one place with this DIY outdoor beverage station. This cute patio bar can be made in a weekend with a handful of hardware-store staples. Here's how!

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What You Need:

  • 1×10 pine, 3 pieces cut to 50 inches
  • 1×4 pine, cut to 50 inches
  • 1×2 pine, cut to 50 inches
  • 100- and 200-grit sandpaper
  • Exterior white latex paint
  • 2-inch finishing brushes (2)
  • Stain
  • Exterior polyurethane
  • 30-inch barstools (2)
  • Straight-side wood tray
  • Level
  • 18-inch ruler
  • 1-5/8-inch screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Vintage soda boxes (2)

Before You Begin: Sand and Prep

Sand all board cuts. Cover one 1×10 board, the 1×4 board, and both barstools with two or three coats of paint. Stain the two remaining 1×10s and the 1×2. Let dry; sand between each coat of paint and stain. Apply two coats of polyurethane to the stained boards. Next, determine the placement of the lower pieces. Place the two barstools perpendicular to the wall where you want the bar to stand. Temporarily set the tray between the stools, adjusting the stools until you gain the desired height for the tray. Use a level and ruler to make sure the tray sits horizontal and straight, then mark the tray's placement on the stool legs. Both stools should remain aligned and the same distance from the wall.

Step 1: Level It Out

painted sawhorse

Set the painted boards on the stretchers of both stools with the 1×4 behind the 1×10. Use a level to ensure that the boards are even and the stools are square and straight with the center tray.

Step 2: Start to Screw

screwing white boards to stretchers

Without moving the stools, remove the tray and screw the white boards to the stretchers.

Step 3: Secure and Adjust

securing tray to stool

Place the tray in its marked position between the stools and use your level once more to adjust its position. Secure the tray by attaching screws through the tray into each leg.

Step 4: Secure Soda Boxes

soda box

Center each soda box on top of a stool, aligning the front of the box to sit flush with the front of the stool. Use screws to secure the boxes to the tops of the stools.

Step 5: Create Back of Bar

building diy bar

Create a lip for the back on the bar by attaching the 1×2 to the top rear of one stained 1×10. Arrange the 1×10s side-by-side on top of the soda boxes with the lipped board next to the wall. Center the boards evenly on top of the stools with the front board hanging over the boxes by 2 inches. Screw the front and back edges of the boards into the soda boxes.

Step 6: Move Into Place

diy bar surface

Move the bar gently to rest the lip flush against the wall.

Optional: Extra Organizer

outdoor bar storage

Not enough room for extra gadgets, glasses, and gear? Install a metal pegboard-style wall organizer and outfit it with movable bins, hooks, and shelves to meet your specific organizational needs.

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