Colorful corkboard circles add a graphic punch to bare walls and provide a spot to display greeting cards and important reminders. See how to make your own!


These aren't your classroom corkboards. All you need is some paint to make a mod message center for grocery lists, cards, photos, and more. You can do them all in the same color or pick a color scheme to match your decor. This is also an easy project to do with kids so they can display treasured mementos and reminders alike in their rooms. Bye bye, boring boards!

What You Need

  • Foam brushes
  • Crafts paint
  • Corkboard trivets
  • Painter's tape (optional)

Step 1: Pick Colors

Of course, you could paint the corkboards to match your existing decor, but if you're stumped for ideas, try one of these:

Black and white: Black and white circles make an impact with stark contrast.

Complementary colors: Choose colors on opposite sides of the color wheel for a bold effect.

Ombre: Start with two paint colors; white and a color of your choice. Dilute your main color with white for each successive circle.

Step 2: Paint the Corkboards

Using crafts paint and foam brushes, cover the surface of each corkboard in the desired color. Since paint can soak in to cork, you may need multiple coats if you want more coverage. Paint around the edges too if you'd like, or leave them blank. If you don't want a plain design, you could even mask out stripes or a geometric pattern with painter's tape.

Step 3: Let Dry

Allow the paint to dry and you're all set to hang your set of new colorful corkboards! They make a stylish addition to a home office, family command center, or entryway message zone.

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