15 Firepit Ideas for the Ultimate Backyard Hangout Space

outdoor furniture around rectangular white fire pit
Photo: Edmund Barr

Between barbeques, bonfires, and outdoor movie nights, your backyard will undoubtedly host many special moments. Create an outdoor space that's conducive to relaxation and social gatherings alike by adding a built-in firepit to your yard. These firepit ideas can help you achieve the ultimate backyard hangout for you and your loved ones.

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Natural Stone Firepit

wicker furniture around stone fire pit
Christina Schmidhofer

Adding a stone firepit is an easy way to upgrade your outdoor space with a more sophisticated look. The rugged material is ideal for creating a backyard firepit that's sturdy, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. If a certain type of stone already appears in other outdoor areas, such as on your exterior or a patio, incorporate the same material into your firepit design to help bring the elements of your yard together.

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Modern Firepit Ideas

rectangular white brick fire pit
Chad R. Mellon

Establish a modern aesthetic with a firepit design that features straight lines and crisp angles. Crafted from white-painted brick and cement capstones, this rectangular firepit offers a clean, minimalist look. Neutral patio furniture and pared-down landscaping keep the design simple and uncluttered.

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Firepit Pathway

fire pit area with wooden arches
Marion Brenner

Make your firepit feel like a destination with an intentionally designed pathway. For a simple update, consider adding a stepping stone path or lining the route with landscape lights. This backyard takes a more elaborate approach with a series of arbors wrapped in string lights leading the way to the firepit area.

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Small Patio Firepit

outdoor furniture around rectangular white fire pit
Edmund Barr

Make the most of a small yard with an intimate entertaining zone anchored by a firepit. On this patio, an L-shaped bench crafted from sturdy brick and cushioned with plush outdoor pillows maximizes seating around the rectangular firepit. The built-in seating helps define the boundary with the neighboring house, and repeating colors and materials help the patio feel like an extension of the home.

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Firepit Landscaping Ideas

adirondack chairs with drinks around stone fire pit
Laurie Black

Harness landscaping and hardscaping to create a firepit area that feels like an outdoor room. Here, a combination of pavers and gravel forms a casual patio anchored by a firepit. Creating a more formal barrier between the rest of the yard is a stacked stone wall, which can also provide overflow seating for guests. Large container gardens and planted beds further define the area.

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Rustic Firepit Ideas

fire pit with adirondack chairs
Michael Partenio

Re-create the laidback feeling of camping with a firepit nestled near the trees. Here, a circle of stones stacked on top of a gravel foundation forms a simple rustic firepit that doesn't compromise on quality or safety. Pull up a few Adirondack chairs for casual seating that still feels sophisticated.

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Large Backyard Firepit

backyard porch with fire pit and table
Joe Keller

A large backyard leaves plenty of room for creative firepit ideas. For an easy-access gathering place, consider building a firepit as an extension of your patio. Here, a change in the size and shape of the patio pavers marks the distinction between the more formal outdoor dining space and the casual firepit area.

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Brick Firepit Ideas

blue outdoor furniture around white fire pit
Christina Schmidhofer

A brick firepit offers a classic look that suits homes of any style. Leave the bricks unpainted for a natural look, or define the firepit with a coat of crisp white paint. Here, a painted brick firepit pairs with plenty of seating to form a sophisticated outdoor entertaining area fit for a crowd.

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Secluded Firepit Area

purple chairs around stone fire pit
Laurie Black

Having a firepit a few steps outside your back door provides easy access and creates continuity between your indoor and outdoor areas. But if you have ample yard space, consider building a firepit a little farther from your home. Especially when paired with privacy-boosting landscaping, this backyard firepit idea can make your outdoor entertaining area feel like a secluded oasis.

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Built-In Stone Firepit

stone fire pit in wall
Matthew Benson

Build a backyard firepit directly into a wall or ledge to mimic the look of a traditional fireplace. This stone firepit idea helps create a built-in wind barrier while showcasing the beauty of natural stone. Great for small yards, it also lets you create your seating area in a semi-circle rather than a full circle.

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Natural Firepit Design

stone steps to fire pit and outdoor sofa
Edmund Barr

Surround your firepit area with leafy plants and colorful blooms to create your own backyard escape. Not only can lush landscaping encourage calm and relaxation, but the foliage can also help provide privacy for your outdoor space. A mix of colors, heights, and textures brings pleasing variety to the landscaping around this two-tiered firepit.

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Small Firepit Ideas

outdoor covered area with chairs and fire pit
Bob Stefko

Large firepits easily make a statement, but even a small firepit can provide cozy backyard ambience. Here, a simple rectangular design creates a barrier for bonfires without taking up any unnecessary space. A pair of wicker chairs provides comfy seating for two, while colorful container gardens create a lively border for the outdoor room.

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Open-Concept Firepit Area

outdoor grilling and fire pit area
Dominique Vorillon

Design an open-concept firepit area that welcomes outdoor cooking, dining, entertaining, and more. This low-profile cement firepit forms the central gathering spot amid a grilling zone, flexible seating, and a dining table beyond. A smooth flow helps the space function well for family grill-outs or large gatherings.

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Family-Friendly Firepit

chairs with smores around stone fire pit
Bob Stefko

When designing a firepit, think about who will be enjoying the space the most and prioritize their needs. For example, if you have children, a firepit with a wide ledge can create a natural barrier that helps prevent singed fingers or, for older kids, provides seating for marshmallow roasting. Be sure to allow ample space within the firepit area to avoid tripping between chairs.

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Natural Firepit Materials

blue chairs around stone fire pit
Edmund Barr

Natural materials create firepit designs that feel more intuitive rather than manmade. This stacked stone firepit looks right at home amid a wood privacy fence, a flagstone patio, and leafy foliage. Brightly colored patio furniture and accessories pop against the neutral backdrop.

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