10 Outdoor Firepit Ideas for a Cozy Backyard Escape

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There are few things more welcoming in an outdoor space than a firepit. Fortunately, these amenities come in shapes and sizes to fit nearly every budget and landscape style. Here are 10 ideas for firepits that will inspire you to fit one into your landscape.

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A Multilevel Firepit

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One-of-a-kind designs are the hallmarks of 21st-century home style, and that's true for firepits, as well. This multilevel version has two distinct fire areas, one lower than the first. It's an unusual arrangement, but one that complements the sectional seating and the pathway of oversized pavers.

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An Unusually Shaped Firepit

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For very narrow landscape spaces, a full circle may not be feasible for a firepit. That's OK. Like so much else in our homes, firepits can be adapted to our personalized styles as well as to our space restrictions. This half-circle fits neatly into a sloping space that's not deep enough to accommodate anything wider.

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A Proportional Firepit


Scale and shape are important in firepit designs. Angles and straight lines in a home or yard can be echoed in a firepit. This rustic version is tempered with a cool almost-white stone on the flat surround.

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A Landscape-Inspired Firepit

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The choice of materials can make your firepit feel as though it's a seamless extension of your existing landscape design. Although the larger paving stones on this elegant and Mediterranean-style patio gave way to a smaller version in the firepit, the color palette remains mostly the same, which preserves cohesion.

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A Contemporary Firepit

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Although firepits are a common appearance in more traditionally influenced landscapes, with the right detailing they can fit perfectly in modern-leaning yards. That's why the choice of material is particularly important if you're adding a firepit after the backyard gathering area has already been assembled. Here, an atypical design—a base sloped in—as well as the neutral color and wide surround, give this portable firepit a modern aesthetic.

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Cozy Firepit with Contrasting Materials


People naturally want to draw closer together when seated around a firepit. This tall, elegant version includes a few enviable features. Although the comfortable seats take up too much room for side tables, the firepit's height and shelf fill in. Two materials offer subtle contrast in texture and color to help heighten visual interest.

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A Firepit with Built-In Seating


All permanent firepits have some sort of fireproof material as a surround; it acts as a barrier to prevent people from getting too close and as a buffer from any loose, hot materials that may escape the structure. If you have the space, a wider than normal decking can be easily integrated into the firepit's permanent seating. Here, a slightly raised surround elevates the narrow ring of the firepit and offers casual seating for larger gatherings.

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A Quiet Firepit Respite


Although firepits are often a central part of a backyard, portable versions are good options for encouraging more secluded seating nooks. Here, a change in material underfoot—from gravel to pavers—marks the quiet square. It's just big enough for a cozy sofa and chair around the central firepit.

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A Portable Firepit


The wide range of portable firepit options means it's easy (and not overly expensive) to try one before diving into a permanent location or design. However, be sure to measure the space available and review existing details in your home and furniture to guide your purchase. Here, the pretty curve in the chairs, as well as the richly finished color, supplied easy guidance for the choice of focal point fire pit. Another welcome detail: The outdoor space includes a clever nook for stashing needed firewood.

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An Organic Firepit

Lange Backyard

Loose and casual, the distinctive design of this firepit makes it feel as though it's sprung naturally from the paved patio area. Although the firepit is a central part of the secluded backyard, the homeowners tucked it into a corner, surrounding it with benches and chairs so that the main traffic flow is better managed.

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