A Family-Friendly Outdoor Room Worthy of a Staycation

Beautiful plants, retreat-worthy outdoor rooms, and a commitment to family guide one couple's backyard transformation.

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    All Decked Out

    A space that reflects a passion for plants and family was top priority for these homeowners. Generous planter boxes define the deck and mark the transition to the yard. 

    On the deck, which features evergreens on one side, a living plant wall on another, a rock garden on a third, and a greenhouse on the final, the atmosphere is intimate and inviting, creating an outdoor living space for three seasons.

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    Time to Dine

    The deck is large enough to accommodate both a roomy seating area and dining table. A large area rug dining area defines the dining area and coordinates with chair cushions and a poppy-red umbrella that shades dinner party guests.

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    Planter Perfection

    This ever-growing homestead is an escape filled with lush plants. Elephant's ears, impatiens, and lobelia are a few of the annuals filling planter boxes surrounding the deck.

    Sword ferns and elephant's ears provide height. For color, they planted 'Infinity White' New Guinea impatiens, 'Diamond Frost' Euphorbia, 'Angelface Blue' Angelonia, 'Lucia Dark Blue' lobelia, Calibrachoa hybrid 'Superbells Evening Star', and wishbone flower.

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    Take a Seat

    Multiple seating options create an enviable outdoor living space for the family. The formal space is expansive enough to include a deep sectional and several chairs for gatherings of all sizes.

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    Soft Edges

    Substantial planter boxes create a softly structured border between the lawn and deck as well as a living display of seasonal color. They also eliminated the need for traditional deck railings.

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    Delicate Trellises

    Tall metal trellises support white mandevilla vines, bringing greenery to the weathered shingle siding and creating a focal point for the seating area. The natural hues of the chairs enhance and complement this trellis display.

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    Long-Lasting Blooms

    Mandevilla blooms from early summer to the first frost, providing color and interest to the deck throughout the outdoor entertaining season.

    Even as their home's garden settles in with an ever-increasing abundance of blooms and beauty, the couple continues to add to it. They've extended their homestead by over an acre and continue to clear out new swaths of land for more trees and flowers.

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    Sophisticated Succulents

    A sleek planter shows off a collection of succulents, including a 'Coppertone' sedum, 'Jimmy' aloe, 'Hobbit' jade, and variegated sedum. The variety of texture and heights adds visual interest.

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    Evergreen Wall

    A double row of staggered evergreens offers a natural boundary that is softer, and therefore more welcoming, than a solid fence. A wall of 'Emerald Green' arborvitae also provides privacy for the seating area.

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    Abundant Succulents

    A collection of succulents ('Princess Pine' Crassula, 'Perle von Nurnberg' Echeveria, a small gold-leaf sedum, 'Jimmy' aloe, variegated stonecrop, 'Hobbit' and small red-leaf jades, 'Kiwi' aeonium, and 'Black Prince' Echeveria) fill a terra-cotta pot on the homeowners' deck. The composition of colors and textures is intriguing.

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    Boulder Border

    To create a perimeter for family time and gardening, the couple focused on clearing out woods and creating a play-friendly lawn surrounded by overflowing garden beds.

    The boulders from the property serve as edging along a deep and varied border filled with annual ornamentals. The flowerbeds contain drifts of 'Paradise Pearl White' New Guinea impatiens, 'Lime Time' coleus, 'Senorita Rosalita' cleome, and 'Diamond Frost' Euphorbia.

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