18 Easy Outdoor Room Ideas

Easy Outdoor Room Ideas
Longing for an outdoor retreat but not sure where to start? Here are 18 simple ways to create a stylish, inviting outdoor room.

Outfit a Small Patio

Creating an outdoor oasis on a smaller patio can seem like a tough job to tackle. To save on space, choose outdoor furniture that is durable, but sleek. Small benches and thin chairs help to make more seating on a small patio. Instead of trying to plant an entire garden, opt for potted plants scattered about the patio. Greenery is introduced through colorful containers without taking away valuable square feet.

Work with Walls

Utilize the walls surrounding a patio and create grilling or garden stations. Use a trellis to hang tools such as trowels or shears. Add a small table to water and store plant materials.

Simple-to-Make Planters

Use square concrete pavers and adhesive to make planters for an outdoor oasis. With landscape block adhesive, glue the edges of the pavers together to form a box. Press the pavers together and then let the project set for 24 hours. Glue the bottom concrete paver the same way only attach to the underside of the square planter so the box has a bottom. Do not make a straight line of adhesive along the bottom, but leave a few gaps in between so water can drain out the bottom of the planter.

Conversation Starter

Get conversation flowing with an outdoor floor plan that encourages interaction. A circular seating pattern ensures that nobody will feel left out of the loop.

Create a small water feature for your patio. All you need is a container fountain kit, a watertight container, and a few water-loving plants.

Water Works

    Set the soundtrack to your outdoor room with the tranquil tune of a water feature. This trickling urn is an easy way to create a calm atmosphere in any garden retreat.

    Make an Entrance

    Every indoor room has a doorway, so why not create one for your outdoor room? An arbor, trellis, or gate is an inviting entrance to your space that also creates character. Add color with climbing plants such as clematis or climbing roses.

    Fuss-Free Backyard

    Not excited about the thought of mowing and watering an entire backyard? Go for the gravel approach. Crushed limestone works well as a grass substitute. Add privacy with a fence made out of galvanized metal -- it costs about the same as wood fencing, but it won't rot. Install a rainwater collection system to provide year-round irrigation and keep water bills low.

    Color Coordinate

    Just like in a home, an outdoor room really comes together when there is a cohesive color palette throughout the space. Sunny yellow accents combine flawlessly with warm, red hues found in potted plants. Colors found in nature, such as yellow and green, work well with the backyard's organic elements.

    Revive Window Boxes

    Add life to the exterior of a house by creating window boxes or simply reviving already existing ones. When choosing the types of plants to put in the window boxes, think about the decor of your patio. What colors or patterns are used? What is the style of the space? Use window box plants to bolster your outdoor style.

    Luxurious Landscaping

    If your garden doesn’t come with a feature you want, create it. Here, a man-made waterfall looks as if it was always a part of the landscape. Other common features to install in a backyard are fish ponds, fountains, or reflecting pools.

    Install a Ceiling Fan

    Create cool southern charm on a porch or veranda with a ceiling fan. It provides a refreshing breeze, while giving the space more of an interior feel. And it can help keep mosquitoes, flies, and other pests away.

    Test Garden Tip: You can also add a small ceiling fan to your gazebo or a pergola.

    Incorporate a Rug

    Add an extra layer of color and comfort to a deck or patio with an outdoor rug. An actual outdoor rug is made with more durable materials that can withstand water and general wear and tear better than household rugs. Outdoor rugs also help to identify a seating space and create cohesion between pieces of furniture.

    Creative Containers

    Forgo the traditional plant container. Look for materials around the house or garage that haven’t been used and turn them into one-of-a-kind planters. Whether they're wheelbarrows, wagons, or wooden crates, the possibilities are just about endless.

    Bring Indoor Touches Outside

    Add chandeliers, mirrors, and other decorative accessories outside to make a space that feels just as homey as the interior.

    Shady Places

    If shade from the sun's rays is nowhere in sight, incorporate a portable tent into your backyard design. Outdoor tents are great for parties, playing games, or for everyday use. What's better? They keep out the rain. With a tent, making your own outdoor retreat is a breeze.

    Fire Up

    A fire pit is a feature that can be added to any backyard. Nowadays, fire pits come in all different sizes and styles, so finding one that fits perfectly in your backyard is a cinch. Fire pits provide a place for families to gather round and spend time together talking, making s'mores, or just relaxing. As a heat source, they also extend time spent outdoors on cool summer nights.

    Fill the Spaces

    Succulents and sedums are perfect for filling in sparse spaces like along a wall or near a fire pit. The small plants add pops of life and color to otherwise wasted space.

    Pergola Perfection

    Pergolas give outdoor spaces the perfect amount of shade and add architectural detail to a backyard. Add vines and other climbing plants to the structure for even more shade. The styles and sizes of pergolas can differ vastly. All you have to do is find the one that fits the best for you.

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