DIY Stepping-Stones

Set a stylish path outside your home with these do-it-yourself stepping-stones cast from concrete.

Leafy Stepping-Stones

Carry the leaf motif from plants to your stepping-stones. This DIY project uses actual leaves to form the shape.

House Number Stepping-Stones

Include your house number on a stepping-stone for a personalized touch. Mix concrete pigment in a small bucket. Then mix pigment into concrete (see concrete mixing instructions on the last slide). Spray the fronts of metal house numbers with adhesive and place carefully in a clear, octagon-shape plastic pot liner. Make sure the numbers are backwards. If desired, spray small leaves and place inside the mold. Carefully lay the concrete on top of the numbers. Lightly pack and smooth the concrete. Don't move the mold once it is filled with concrete. Allow the concrete to dry and remove the mold. Peel off the leaves. use the tip of a trowel to remove any concrete along the edges of the metal numbers.

Tip: A slow drying process yields a stronger stone, so cover the filled mold with plastic or spray the stone with water every hour for the first several hours. Concrete dries more quickly in hot, dry conditions.

Mosaic Stepping-Stone

It's hip to be square with this mosaic stepping-stone. An old cake pan is the perfect choice for the mold. Spray the pan with cooking spray first to ensure the concrete won't stick. Make the concrete and fill the mold (see instructions are on the last slide). After leveling the surface, gently press square mosaic tiles into the surface in your desired pattern.

Paw Print Stepping-Stone

Acknowledge your furry friends with a paw print stepping-stone. Use an old cake pan in the shape of an animal paw print as the mold. To make sure the concrete releases, first spray the pan with cooking spray. Follow the concrete mixing and molding instructions found on the last slide. After leveling the concrete, cover the pan with a plastic shopping bag to keep it from drying too quickly.

Fabric-Covered Stepping-Stones

Cover a stepping-stone with sturdy outdoor fabric and create a colorful path.

How to Mix Concrete

Step 1

Pour concrete into mixing tub. Follow manufacturer's instructions for adding water. Mix with trowel until it reaches the consistency of cookie dough.

Step 2

Fill the plastic pot liner or mold with concrete mix. Smooth the surface with the side of the trowel.

Step 3

Allow concrete to dry according to manufacturer's instructions. Remove from mold and allow to cure. This may take up to a week; check manufacturer's instructions.

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