13 Best DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas to Update Your Porch or Patio

wood and pipe patio furniture

Stylish outdoor furniture can be expensive, but you can save money and customize your outdoor space by making your own. With these step-by-step DIY outdoor table ideas and other furniture projects, you'll see how easy it is to upgrade your porch or patio.

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Concrete-Block Outdoor Bar

completed concrete block bar with buffet of fruit lemonade and desserts
Cameron Sadeghpour

An outdoor bar is perfect for putting your personality or entertaining style on display. Add an outdoor bar to your deck or patio in just an afternoon by building one yourself. You make this DIY bar from concrete blocks, so it won't put a huge dent in your wallet and will stand up to strong winds and dreary weather.

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Porch Swing for Relaxing

bold front porch with curtains and yellow swing
Adam Albright

Porch swings are a fun (and functional) addition to any outdoor area. Add extra appeal to your porch swing with a bright coat of paint—plus some funky throw pillows—to welcome guests before they even step through the door. Instead of buying an expensive model from the store, try your hand at building one yourself.

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DIY Outdoor Table Idea

wood and pipe patio furniture

Now that you have outdoor seating, you need a place to set your drinks (or rest your feet)! This DIY outdoor coffee table incorporates storage below for drinks, magazines, or other entertaining essentials. Simply lift off the center of the surface for easy access.

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Industrial Bar Cart

Wooden and metal pipe cart in corner of room
Adam Albright

Few things make a party run smoother on your porch than a well-stocked bar cart. Purchased bar carts often come with a hefty price tag, but you can make an industrial-style rolling bar cart for much less. To make this affordable furniture project, you thread metal pipes through three wood boards (simply twist them to secure in place) and add casters.

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DIY Pipe Patio Seating

wood and pvc pipe patio chair

Combine cedar decking boards with industrial pipes to build contemporary outdoor seating. This DIY patio chair's modern lines fit well with any style's existing furniture. Paint or stain the boards for a custom look.

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Potting Station Meets Planter

black floral planter
Carson Downing

This DIY planter box helps you grow your garden while adding storage to your outdoor space. The upper level serves as a container for your favorite seasonal varieties and features a string trellis to encourage vining plants. Below, a shelf is ready for a watering can, pots, gloves, or other supplies.

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Outdoor Party Station

vintage diy bar

Store all your summer entertaining essentials in one central location with this DIY outdoor bar. The secret to its design? Two store-bought barstools! Simply place shelving across the lower rungs as well as the seats to create both storage and a prep surface. Hang pegboard on the wall above for all the cocktail tools you need for a summer soirée.

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Upgraded Purchased Storage Bin

patio storage crate, outdoor storage container, patio

Rethink a store-bought container to maximize outdoor storage. Vertical dividers and small add-ons, like a mounted basket on magnetic hooks, make the most of a large storage chest. Paint it a bright color for a vibrant backyard.

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Rustic Potting Table

wooden outdoor gardening table
Ed Gohlich Photography Inc.

Refashioning a few wood pallets into a rustic potting bench takes just a few hours and gives you lots of workspace. Open shelves offer plenty of storage, and hooks—added as needed—keep tools handy. The back wall of the potting bench even has enough space for a decorative display of your favorite plants.

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Colorful Focal Points and Accents

Black front door with flowers, wicker chair
Cameron Sadeghpour

Add low-cost punch to your outdoor spaces with a pretty assembly of accents. Pair painted terra-cotta pots with colorful painted outdoor furniture, courtesy of inexpensive spray paint.

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Refresh a Rolling Cart

bright green rolling outdoor table
Helen Norman Photography

Just because a piece of furniture is designated for one type of use doesn't mean you can't repurpose it. For example, this bright metal desk on casters becomes a sturdy outdoor cart or a dining table for two. For seating: Look for throwaway items, such as wide logs, that withstand the wear and tear of outdoor life.

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Seating Plus Storage

colorful lanterns and drapes hanging outside
Ed Gohlich Photography Inc.

For bright, inexpensive color, turn to alternative items—here, bedsheets—for sun-blocking shades on a deck, patio, or pergola. You can easily transform vintage finds into extra seating and storage for outdoor spaces: A found trunk becomes an ottoman, coffee table, and storage bench, thanks to bright paint, casters, and a cushion covered in a pretty patterned fabric.

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Rolling DIY Outdoor Table Idea

brick porch with green and orange decorations
Cameron Sadeghpour

Off-the-shelf materials form this fun and functional outdoor table, perfect for covered porches and screened decks. Simpler than it looks, this DIY furniture project comes together in virtually no time. You'll need two doors—one smaller than the other—four rolling wheels and two metal buckets. Attach the rolling wheels to the smaller door, set the buckets on top of it, and cover it with the door. To add a punch of color, paint the buckets to match your exterior decor.

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