Building a custom doghouse to keep your furry friend safe and sheltered from outdoor elements is easier than you think! We walk you through the process of constructing a doghouse, list necessary materials, and offer creative ways to customize it. Download our free dog house dimensions to build the design shown here so you and your pet can relax in style.

DIY doghouse

Considering building a doghouse in your backyard? Even a small pet shelter offers protection from hot summer sun and inclement weather. It also provides your pet with a comfortable place of his own to nap, lounge, and enjoy the great outdoors. A do-it-yourself doghouse doesn't have to cost a ton of money, either. You can design a doghouse from leftover building supplies or salvage materials. Make a one-of-a-kind retreat for your pet with a creative design, or choose one that coordinates with your home's exterior. Give Fido his own backyard retreat with a personalized, made-from-scratch doghouse design like this one. Our DIY doghouse is made from an abundance of scrap materials that were left over from a backyard makeover project.This adorable doghouse design by Lee Sie requires simple materials and a little DIY know-how, but you and your pet will love it. The canine cottage smartly includes a removable roof for easy cleaning.

If you want to build a doghouse but don't know where to begin, you're in luck. Download our free plan below to get started on this project.

Download this Plan

What You'll Need

  • Five 2x3 boards, 96 inches in length (base, floor, and deck)
  • Eleven 1x1 boards (framing and porch overhang posts)
  • Two 8x10-inch picture frames (windows)
  • Eight asphalt roofing shingles
  • One 27x32x1/4-inch sheet plywood (flooring)
  • Two 18x32-1/2x1/4-inch sheet plywood (roofing)
  • One 4x4-foot sheet plywood or scrap pieces of siding (exterior walls)
  • 1- and 1-1/2-inch decking screws
  • 1-inch roofing nails
DIY doghouse close-up

Once your dog house is move-in ready, don't forget the accessories! Choose all-weather bedding and fun, colorful dishes and containers for water, food, and treats. Here, chalkboard paint applied to a dog dish lends character to the scene.

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