We Launched an Outdoor Collection with HGTV's Dave and Jenny Marrs

The Marrs collection in partnership with BHG is available exclusively at Walmart.

As the hosts of HGTV's Fixer to Fabulous, Dave and Jenny Marrs are no strangers to home renovation projects. But for the past few months, they've been busy with an entirely new kind of home project: An outdoor furniture and decor line.

The Marrs Collection is a collaboration with the Better Homes & Gardens brand and launched exclusively at Walmart this week. The line includes 30 outdoor home and decor items designed to create a beautiful outdoor living space that also provides a functional space for entertaining, relaxing, and making memories. All the pieces are fairly neutral, so whether your style is more modern or traditional, you'll be able to mix and match new pieces with items you already own.

"Our hope is for these pieces to help families create beautiful spaces they can live well in," Jenny says. "That's the most important thing about the things that you bring into your home; You want to feel like they facilitate the memory-making and facilitate an opportunity to have people over and fill the table up."

dave and jenny marrs on porch swing from walmart
Jason Donnelly

Building the Collection

The couple is adamant that your outdoor space, whether it's a spacious yard or a small patio, should be an extension of the rest of your home. So when they started creating this outdoor collection, they began by pulling inspiration from the most-loved items in their own home: Their porch swing and dining room table.

"We have three porch swings in our house," Jenny explains. "The porch swing is just really important to us, it represents a place to rest and unwind and a place to just rest. For us, that was the most important piece for the outdoor collection, so that's where we started."

They also wanted to include a piece that was more functional for entertaining—like the dining room table Dave built for the family's home. They created a teak version of Dave's original design, so it would be outdoor-friendly, and then designed comfortable outdoor chairs to match.


"For us, it's all about bringing people around the table, and all that the table represents. It's a place where you want to bring people together."

outdoor table on a patio from dave and jenny marrs walmart collection
Jacob Fox

"For us, it's all about bringing people around the table, and all that the table represents," Jenny says. "It's a place where people can gather, where you can just start bringing your friends and family in, where you want to bring people together."

Dave hopes people are inspired by the way they've incorporated their own family life into the collection—and while he's proud of the look and the quality of the pieces they've created, he also wants people to think of the items as functional outdoor items, rather than just pretty furniture or decor that's not meant to be used.

"Jenny and I always say we want things to be authentic, to be ours, and to be something that we believe in," he says. "And for things like this swing and this table–I've put them together, we own them, we have them and we've used them and I want people to look at it and say, this is something that we can get a lot of use out of as a family and create memories."

Dave and Jenny's Tips for Creating an Outdoor Space

The way that Dave and Jenny created their outdoor collection is the same way they suggest building your own outdoor space: Start with the big things, then add the accents. Here are their best tips for curating your own outdoor oasis.

dave and jenny marrs with outdoor table
Jacob Fox

1. Know what you want from the space.

Whether you're starting from scratch or adding onto an existing outdoor area, Dave says the first step is to figure out what you want the space to be used for. "Number one is figuring out what your space can hold and how you're going to use it," he says. "If it's for friends, family, or community, you've got to have a place where people can gather—then you can go from there."

2. Pick a main feature that supports the goal.

Once you've decided what you want the main function of your space to be, pick one main item that facilitates that idea. Of course, if your space and budget allow, you can add multiple larger pieces. But if you're limited on space or can't add a lot of new items at once, they recommend starting with one main goal for the space.

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The Table

plants and lanterns on outdoor table
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For Dave, it's community—so he would start with an outdoor dining table where people can gather for all kinds of celebrations and get-togethers.

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The Swing

outdoor porch swing from dave and jenny marrs collection
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For Jenny, it's building a place where you can go to get away from the craziness of everyday life, so she'd pick the porch swing as her focal point. "We want the porch swing to be a place where you can really just sit and rest and step away from all of the frenzy of your day," she says. "Or if you're starting your day, you can sit there and have a cup of coffee and take a moment for yourself."

3. Layer, layer, layer.

Once you've added a focal piece to your space, Dave and Jenny agree that the smaller layers are what really makes it 'yours.' It's an opportunity for you to bring your style outdoors as a continuation of your inside space, and adding decorative elements is what will give your space that comfortable, at-home feeling.

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Lay Down a Rug

geometric rug from walmart
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Jenny recommends starting with an outdoor rug. "Putting a rug down really does change the feel of a space, and gives it that indoor-outdoor feeling," she says. "I think that's the key to creating a space that feels really comfortable and warm and lived-in." Even if you can't splurge on one of the larger items, a rug will make any outdoor deck, porch, or patio feel like an extra room of the house rather than just what's outside your door.

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Add Greenery

outdoor plants and planters
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"Bringing in plants is one of the easiest things you can do to make a space come to life," Jenny says. Even though you may have greenery close by in an outdoor space, adding plants directly into the space will make it feel more inviting. And since those plants will need pots or planters, it's another easy way to bring your existing style elements into the space. Jenny recommends adding three plants at all different heights to bring in some dimension.

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Hang Up Lights

woven pendant from dave and jenny marrs walmart collection
Courtesy of Walmart

The Marrs agree that the finishing touch to any outdoor area should be lights. Whether it's a singular lantern or a collection of hanging woven pendants, it's an easy way to make your space feel instantly cozy. Jenny particularly loves the solar pendant lights in the collection. "They're really fun and add a little bit of whimsy to a space," she says. "When you put them up it feels like you're ready for a party, which I love."

Between Fixer to Fabulous and their development company, Dave and Jenny have filmed more than 40 episodes and completed almost 300 homes in Northwest Arkansas. In each project they take on, their goal is the same: To create a space where families feel at home. And now, they're giving people to do the opportunity to do the same by shopping the outdoor collection, available at Walmart now.

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