Budget-savvy concrete edgers turn into customized stylish planters in a matter of minutes.

June 08, 2015

Spruce up a tired landscape with concrete planters that can be constructed in three quick steps. Almost any type of concrete edging will work, so find one that suits your style. A columnar design forms corners without an obvious seam. Understated and stylish, these planters are sure to please.

What you'll need:

Concrete Edge Planter
  • Concrete edgers
  • Concrete block adhesive
  • Concrete steps
  • Topsoil

Step 1

Conduct a dry run to make sure the pieces fit. Assemble the planter without gluing to test your final design -- be creative! We went with a square design, but the choice is yours. Remember: Assembly is upside down, so the concrete steps will be placed on top to dry before turning over the planter

Step 2

Concrete Edge Planter

Apply concrete block adhesive to both ends of each edger piece, then assemble. Before the adhesive dries, check that all corners are at a sharp right angle if you want a square or rectangular planter.

Step 3

Concrete Edge Planter

Apply adhesive along the bottom of the edgers, then adhere the concrete steps. Let the adhesive cure for 24 hours before turning the planter over.

Step 4

Concrete Edge Planter

Fill with topsoil, then plant your favorite flowers.


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