25 Colorful Backyard Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Porch or Patio

cement patio black pergola
Photo: Paul Costello

A few colorful updates can turn a lackluster backyard into an inviting outdoor room. With furniture, accessories, paint, and landscaping, it's easy to add bold color to a patio, deck, or garden. Refresh your outdoor space with these colorful backyard decorating ideas.

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Colorful Outdoor Fabrics

rattan chairs with colorful accents
Nathan Kirkman

Outdoor fabrics are an easy way to add color to your backyard. Start with furniture and an outdoor rug in neutral tones, then layer in brighter colors through throw pillows, seat cushions, upholstered poufs, and other accessories. This allows you to easily redo your backyard color scheme without completely starting over.

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Colorful Backyard Retreat

corner bench with pillows, blue table, lounger patio area
Kim Cornelison

Carve out a cozy backyard retreat with colorful outdoor furniture and accessories. Supply plenty of comfy pillows and a small accent table where you can set a drink or snack. Line the area with outdoor string lights for a warm glow after the sun goes down.

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Patio Greenery Ideas

cement patio black pergola
Paul Costello

A clever backyard decor idea is to add foliage with container gardens if your backyard isn't as green as you'd like. Here, hanging baskets and planters supply greenery to make up for the yard's lack of grassy areas. The lush green leaves help set off the bright white furniture and colorful outdoor pillows.

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Light and Bright Backyard

patio all season room sitting area with glass tables
James Nathan Schroder

A verdant backyard can feel heavy with dark greens and wood tones. Brighten your outdoor entertainment area with a light-colored outdoor rug, white furniture, and vibrant throw pillows. Colorful fabrics and glass side tables boost this patio's light and bright energy.

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Retro Metal Chairs

Porch with yellow chairs and white table
Kimberly Gavin

Metal furniture is generally affordable and comes in many colors, making it easy to find one or more to suit your garden or patio. This set of retro-style lawn chairs complements the bright yellow blooms that fill the surrounding containers. If you can't find the color you want, shop flea markets and vintage sales for pieces you can transform with a fresh coat of paint.

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Creative Outdoor Rug

modern patio with blue bench and pillows
Cameron Sadeghpour

Update a plain outdoor rug to add color and pattern to your backyard. First, use painters tape to create a custom design, then use a large round brush to dab on paint in your color of choice. A smooth, low-pile material like sisal works best for crisp lines.

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Painted Outdoor Pillows

blue pattered outdoor seating with decorative pillows
Nathan Kirkman

Spray-painted stencils, such as the star motif on the surface of this pillow, are an easy way to punch up outdoor fabric. Pick paint colors that match cushion colors or outdoor furniture. If your patio furnishings are neutral, go for outdoor fabrics in a sunny shade that will brighten your day.

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Stylish Backyard Entertaining

outdoor drink station with foliage lattice backdrop
Paul Costello

Drape a colorful tablecloth over your outdoor table to add a special touch to alfresco meals. Brightly colored glassware, placemats, or napkins can also elevate backyard entertaining. For a layered look, place a runner made of a natural material such as rattan or bamboo over a more vibrant tablecloth.

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Colorful Patio Umbrellas

gray patio furniture yellow accents umbrella
Dustin Peck

Provide stylish sun protection with an umbrella for a backyard decor idea that incorporates a fun color or pattern. In this backyard, an umbrella repeats the sunny color used on pillows, throws, and side tables. More significant elements, including the furniture and area rug, remain neutral to balance the colorful accents.

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Bright Back Door

backyard deck orange umbrellas
Bob Stefko

Painting an exterior door is a quick way to add color to your home's entrance, and this trick works in the backyard, too. Set a colorful tone for your outdoor space with a back door decked in a fresh hue. Choose a color that works with your home's existing exterior palette. Here, a vibrant tangerine door borrows color inspiration from orange umbrellas and furniture cushions, creating a bright spot of color against the gray siding.

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Punch Up a Painted Porch

porch swing blue ceiling
Anthony Masterson

Add depth to your covered porch or patio by painting the ceiling or rafters. The color will add an unexpected twist and make an outdoor room feel cozy and inviting. For balance, opt for lighter furnishings and bright accessories.

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Garden Shed Surprise

garden shed with blue door
Pete Krumhardt

An unassuming garden shed becomes a pretty focal point with a new door color. Before you begin, add a coat or two of water-based primer to the surface to help the finish last longer. Tall planters nearby add more color.

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Container Garden Accents

green block garden planters golden retriever
Laurie Black

Quickly brighten an outdoor space with colorful containers. Choose pots in various colors, sizes, and textures to add dimension to your patio. Large containers offer plenty of room to fill them with a wide range of plant types, adding even more color to the area.

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Complementary Backyard Decor Idea

porch striped hanging daybed
Brie Williams

Complementary colors, such as blue and orange, sit on opposite sides of the color wheel, but they look great when paired together. For a balanced look, pick one of the colors to play a more dominant role. Here, blue creates a comforting base for the outdoor seating area, while orange accents provide bright contrast.

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Define Backyard Zones

back yard patio with hot tub in pergola
Kritsada Panichgul

Use colorful backyard ideas to divide the space into specific outdoor rooms. This backyard applies outdoor fabrics in various colors to distinguish different zones. Bright red cushions and accessories make the conversation area stand out. Green outdoor curtains drape from a pergola over the hot tub to visually separate the area from the rest of the yard.

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Backyard Design Inspiration

green couch brick patio purple pillows
Matthew Benson

Look to the flowers and plants in your yard for color inspiration. Use the hues you find, such as grass green, rosy red, or carnation pink, to accessorize your outdoor spaces. Purple pillows on this patio match the flowers blooming in the nearby containers.

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Patterned Privacy Screen

patio decorative screen blue chairs
Ed Gohlich

A decorative screen helps delineate outdoor spaces, but it should also add style. Find a unique pattern or give it a fresh coat of paint or stain to keep your patio looking great. Look to your outdoor furniture or landscaping for color inspiration.

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Fun Outdoor Chairs

Paper lanterns on a patio
Robert Brinson

Try a DIY backyard decor idea and paint dining chairs in bright colors. Arrange them around a neutral tabletop for maximum impact. Distressed finishes and bold accessories give this open-air dining space even more personality. Consider adding an outdoor rug for a pulled-together look.

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Vibrant Backyard Accessories

globe garden decor
Edmund Barr

Bring your outdoor spaces to life with vibrant decorative accessories. Look to garden sculptures, gazing balls, and accent furniture with interesting shapes and designs. This is a great way to add whimsical color to the backyard.

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Outdoor-Friendly Rugs

green striped rug patio black furniture
Kritsada Panichgul

Explore outdoor rug options to make exterior living spaces feel more like rooms. Available in myriad colors, patterns, and sizes, outdoor rugs often closely resemble their indoor counterparts in looks. However, they're specially fabricated to brave moisture, sunlight, and other weather elements.

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Outdoor Wall Art

Colorful suspended flower pots
Peter Krumhardt

Suspended flowerpots can become colorful wall art for your outdoor room. Start with nine terra-cotta pots and coat the bases with spray paint. Next, plot the grid arrangement and secure pot hangers to the fence. Finish by suspending pots from hangers and filling each container with brightly colored annuals or herbs.

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Colorful Patio Decorating

patio picnic table purple door
Edmund Barr

This home's vivid purple French doors provide plenty of bright color for the backyard. Because the patio is adjacent to the home's kitchen, the simple picnic table is great for taking meals outside. For an easy centerpiece, dress up the tabletop with a series of low-maintenance succulents in colorful ceramic pots.

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Welcoming Outdoor Seating

Colorful back patio
Tria Giovan

Add a splash of color to an outdoor seating area with bright chairs. In this backyard, green, pink, and orange metal chairs pop against the neutral patio. A colorful hammock rounds out the fun, welcoming space.

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Fancy Garden Fence

vegetable garden planted with colorful fence around it
Peter Krumhardt

Separate a garden from the rest of the backyard with a colorful fence. In this backyard, bright green and blue hues pop against the grass and plants. The fence provides a colorful view from any angle.

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A Starting Point for Decor

brick patio blue striped furniture white pergola
Gordon Beall

This home's exterior creates the perfect starting point for its patio's color scheme. White trim and millwork inspire the white bench and fire surround, while the bench cushion color pulls from the gray siding. Turquoise accent chairs influence the watery blues and lively green throw pillows for a coordinated finish.

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