When your patio furniture needs new life, turn to these makeover tips. DIY your way to better outdoor furniture instead of running out to buy a whole new set. These before-and-afters will give you the inspiration to jazz up your outdoor furniture sets.

By Bri Levandowski

If you have patio chairs with withered-away lining, don't dump the frames! Simply change out the seats with some all-weather webbing strips. Wrap and weave your way to a brand-new look.

After: DIY Woven Chair Seat

This awesome and stylish chair seat was made with just a few tools and supplies. Use a single color or two to complement your new paint job. Your patio will be bursting with style.

Woven Chair Tutorial

Before: Paint Rusty Metal

It's never good to let rusty metal linger. Whenever you see a rust spot on your patio furniture, take measures to keep it from spreading. With special anti-rust outdoor paints, you can do just that!

After: Paint Rusty Metal

While the process for de-rusting and painting metal patio furniture can take some time, the outcome is well worth it. You'd never guess this patio set looked like it was on its last leg. Bonus: Did you notice the chairs were different? We didn't either, thanks to the ever-effective technique of painting everything the same color.

How to Paint Rusty Metal

Before: Restore Wood Furniture

Lounge chairs shouldn't leave you anxious about splinters! For outdoor wood furniture that's seen better days, refinish it with all-weather paint. For a chair or bench that's extra worn or dry, you may need a few coats!

After: Restore Wood Furniture

A beautiful ombre chair is what remains of the old splintery mess. The top-to-bottom blue hues are a reminder to lay back and relax in the sun. Lounge in makeover luxury.

How to Restore Wood Furniture

Before: Tiled Bar Cart

A rolling bar cart is just what your backyard needs...but maybe try something with more pizzazz! Adding tile and a bit of paint will do the trick. Be sure to replace the casters with a more outdoor-friendly option.

After: Tiled Bar Cart

This cart is the dream of every backyard hostess! The tile tabletop may take a few days of curing, but it is totally worth it. Serve all your drinks and treats to guests from this cart, and when not hosting, let it serve as a prime spot for planters.

How to Tile a Bar Cart

Before: Concrete Tabletop

A concrete slab isn't an outdoor project for the lighthearted, but if you're up to the challenge, it makes a beautiful tabletop. Be sure to follow manufacturer's instructions on curing times. Any old coffee table should do the trick, but you'll definitely want something heavy and sturdy, like this iron base.

After: Concrete Tabletop

This lovely concrete tabletop is a perfect invitation for guests to sit and stay a while. Set your drinks down without worry, and enjoy the sharp look of a well-crafted coffee table. You can make one with our easy tutorial, below.

DIY Concrete Tabletop Tutorial

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