Backyard Makeovers: 5 Easy Deck Revamps

There's no doubt you'll be spending a lot of time in your backyard this summer, so give your deck or patio a new look with fun outdoor furniture, fabrics, and accessories.

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    Island Cool

    Create a colorful backyard escape by choosing outdoor furniture in a rainbow of colors. Mix and match warm pinks and oranges with cool blues and greens for a fresh contrast.

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    Breezy Blue

    Transform outdoor seating with paint. An Adirondack chair in a cool blue hue stands out against the natural greens of the backyard.

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    Fish Tale

    Group chairs around small side tables for a relaxed setting. Have fun with your outdoor furniture. A fish-shape side table is a playful addition to this summertime hangout.

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    Cover Up

    For an inexpensive splash of color, use sarongs or scarves around the deck. Hang them from a plant stand for a colorful accent.

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    Bright Accents

    Use unexpected accents to give your deck a punch of color. Roll out beach mats as an impromptu outdoor rug. Give accent pillows a summer makeover with a sarong, T-shirt, or linen skirt that doubles as a pillow slipcover.

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    Get Your Dream Backyard

    Make your backyard feel like an extension of your home with these simple layout, furniture, and design tips.

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    Nautical Nod

    Give your deck the feel of being waterside even if it's surrounded by dry land. Bright white furniture and nautical accents create a seaworthy setting. Lay rugs over wood floors to define the area, or roll a runner down a narrow space to make a welcoming walkway.

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    Table Setting

    Alfresco dining is an important function of any deck. Use indoor/outdoor fabrics in a nautical print to cover tables. Add red dishes for a pop of color. Accent the area with candles and lanterns to keep the party going all night.

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    Bright Whites

    Eco-friendly, maintenance-free, recycled-plastic chairs create no-fuss seating. A tall shutter serves double duty as an accent piece and a way to block out what's happening in the yard next door. Choose white pieces (or paint them white) for a fresh look.

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    Sail Away

    Set a nautical tone with a striped indoor/outdoor rug and vintage buoys. Use rope knots to weigh down the tablecloth and add seaworthiness to the deck.

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    Uptown Oasis

    Create a contemporary setting with bold colors, sleek lines, and geometric prints. Lime green brightens this deck and contrasts with the wood furniture. Lightweight, portable outdoor furniture emphasizes flexibility.

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    Bold Shapes

    Geometric shapes give the deck a modern feel. The lime green squares on the outdoor rug show off the outdoor room's color palette. Fabrics used throughout the area, such as the mix of plain and patterned napkins, are a quick and inexpensive way to incorporate the color scheme.

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    Bright Lights

    A solar lantern is an eco-friendly way to light the deck at night. Choose one with an attractive pattern to serve as a beautiful accent during the day as it recharges.

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    Rustic Retreat

    Outdoor dining is this deck's main function. A large farmhouse-style table and mix-and-match seating creates a casual setting for outdoor meals. Reds, oranges, tans, and browns blend nicely with the natural backdrop.

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    Hanging Around

    Hang an old-fashioned lantern for an attractive and useful accent. Lanterns add character to the deck during the day and serve an important function at night.

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    Seeing Red

    Use outdoor fabrics to soften the wooden atmosphere. Outdoor rugs, seat cushions, pillows, and napkins add a cozy touch to the deck floors, chairs, and tabletop. Choose patterns that share a common hue to create an easy mix of patterns.

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    Classic Comfort

    This traditionally styled deck draws guests around the table and encourages conversation. Purple wicker seating is a fun twist on classic outdoor furniture. Outdoor fabrics, such as the rug and tablecloth, create a natural extension from indoor living spaces.

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    Solar Power

    When the sun goes down, this solar lamp lights the tabletop. The attractive lantern serves as an accent during the day.

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    Mix-and-Match Patterns

    Damask and graphic floral outdoor fabrics create an elegant atmosphere. Mix these patterns with solids and stripes to create a more casual atmosphere.

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