Gazebo Design Ideas: Attached Gazebos


Add a gazebo for a shady, covered retreat in your backyard.

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Gazebo and Deck Addition


A deck addition became an outdoor suite with the addition of this gazebo. The structure's shingled roof traps out sunlight and supports a ceiling fan, but the true beauty of this gazebo lies in the details that complement the exterior's traditional architecture, from the spandrels and supporting brackets to the turned balusters below. A coordinating color scheme blends with the home for a unified look.

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Gazebo Addition Close to Home


This design proves that you can build a gazebo close to your house if you use similar materials, colors, and details on both structures. This 13.5-foot-wide gazebo does just that, with space for built-in benches and a small dining table to boot. The arched openings frame a living painting of live oaks and a valley vista beyond.

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Gazebo with Hot Tub


Disguise a modern feature, such as a deck-mounted hot tub, with the traditional flavor of a gazebo. This small appendage to the deck protects the tub and its occupants for all-weather enjoyment and also hides the tub a little.

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Attached Gazebo with Porch Extension


Because of their odd shape, gazebos attached directly to homes often require a transition to make the connection work. In this case, a small porch extension does the trick. The scrollwork trim echoes just a few elements of the house instead of being an exact style match.

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Elevated Gazebo


Don't let an elevated deck keep you from adding a gazebo; this one provides a shaded spot to view the Rocky Mountains in the distance. Wood was stained to match the deck, and shingles used on the small rooftop complement the home's exterior color scheme.

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Front Porch with Gazebo Addition


This porch shows that it's smart to pay attention to detail. Victorian inspiration makes for grand style and character at the front of this home. Thoughtful touches, such as turned-spindle railings, a gable, scalloped siding, and a 9-foot-wide octagon gazebo, work together to create an always-been-there look with the existing architecture.

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Screened-In Gazebo


This generous 14-foot gazebo provides the terminus to the deck that leads from the house. The flooring design, reminiscent of beaded board, keeps with the period look. Flower beds transition from deck to lawn, adding color and texture.

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Corner Deck Gazebo


Redwood spindles in this gazebo meet safety codes and match patio rails, helping marry the gazebo and corner of the patio. Repeating the look in shallow overhead trim brings the high roof visually down to human proportions without sacrificing airiness. Screens trap out biting bugs while still allowing fresh air to flow through.

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Gazebo Addition


Although it wasn't originally connected, this gazebo was constructed to appear as an established side room for the deck. A swinging door provides easy access to the screened-in space with a table and chairs.

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Second-Story Gazebo


One hundred-year-old support beams show signs of their previous life at a sawmill and contribute to the design of this outdoor area. They lend solid support to the upper level of this deck with a second-story gazebo. Adjacent to the master suite, this private spot is a favorite for the homeowners to sip their morning coffee.

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Garden Gazebo


Surrounded by a lush garden, a mail-order gazebo transforms this deck into an all-day summer destination for the family. Swinging French doors open to a screened-in round table.

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Poolside Gazebo


A gazebo overlooking a pool offers welcome shade and relaxation only steps away from the water. Building it slightly higher than the concrete reduces the wood's exposure to splashes.

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Gazebo with Fabric Roof


The curvy-crowned gazebo defines a sitting area and creates a strong focal point on the deck. Striped outdoor fabric that matches awnings on the house provides shade atop the gazebo, and grommets act as drains to prevent water from pooling.

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Garden Gazebo


With a walkway connecting the deck to the gazebo in the middle of the lawn, this outdoor space truly becomes its own private area. Sliding doors built all-around ensure year-round enjoyment and comfortable airflow. Stairs separate from the walkway open into the lawn, and the structure's corners are softened with lush, flowering landscaping.

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Asian-Inspired Gazebo


Give your gazebo some Asian flair by using the outdoor space as a tearoom or meditation area. Metal roofing and cedar lumber come together to embrace the homeowner's preference for minimalist design, and koi ponds bring a water element to the deck.

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Attached Gazebo


This gazebo extends from the porch to create architectural interest and a cozy place to enjoy a beautiful harbor view. Painted shake shingles cover the sides to match the home's exterior for a sense of continuity between the two structures.

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