A Backyard Retreat That Invites You to Linger

An eclectic mix of seating areas makes up this outdoor retreat tucked behind Brooklyn's busy streets. The terraced brownstone backyard is the perfect gathering space for family and friends.

Urban Wilderness

This urban patio's wild style is defined by separate seating areas, including spaces for dining, entertaining, and lounging. The layered style carries over to the garden. Raised beds and pots supplement in-ground plantings to give the space a jungle-like feel.

Natural Surroundings

Neutral furniture pieces create an easy flow between each of the spaces. The collected, mix-and-match decorating style showcased on patterned pillows and textured furnishings carries over to surrounding plants. A bamboo-screen backdrop was created using the existing standard chain link fence. 

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Serious Fun

Set outdoor tables with creative accents that are playful and not too serious. Real dishes and glassware (not disposable) are a must for outdoor entertaining, and so is candlelight. Toss a funky indigo linen over a metal tank or galvanized metal bin to stage an appetizer and beverage station. Create carefree bouquets with flowers cut from the garden.

Light Show

If you have a penchant for chandeliers, translate that look outside. A mix of hanging lanterns and kokedama makes a big impact in this backyard retreat. Hang lighting from one spot for a clustered effect or scatter them throughout your outdoor space.

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Separate Spaces

No matching patio set here. A mix of contemporary and traditional styles outfits this seating area. A daybed works as the family snuggle spot, and pillows, floor cushions, and throws encourage guests to gather in the secondary seating area. Both spaces are defined by area rugs, while small stools can serve as both seating and dining surfaces as needed.

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Collected Look

A Balinese-style sofa is paired with sleek, mismatched wood chairs—a modern mix that repeats in the space. The lushly landscaped living space has become a social hub as well as a play space where children can safely play and explore.

Perfectly Placed

In this backyard space, nothing is out of place no matter where it goes or grows. A mixture of white and gray pots are must-haves that go with the anything-works seating and tables, while a planter box kicks out veggies that inspire fresh recipes.

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  1. I never see anything in these scenarios that accurately represents my backyard, and probably many other suburban backyards as well...something with 5 other yards/decks within a stones throw and no way to block them out because we’re on a slope and everyone around me has bizarrely high decks. I need a solution for that, besides moving!

  2. I love this back yard. I have the same sort of decor but in reds and oranges.

  3. There are certain aspects of these backyards that I like, but they are crowded. I think they look as if someone put objects together that would look great for a photo but not very practical for most people. I live in Florida, where it rains everyday. Everything would need to be moved inside after each use!

  4. With all due respect, these are hodge-podge crowded Wayfair advertisements, not nice backyards. A beautiful backyard involves landscaping and creativity, not just a trendy collection of cheap furniture. Sorry. Not even close.

  5. Yuck. These aren't wow yards - they're an attempt to bring the indoors outside. They're crowded, over-decorated hot messes that make it appear as though a person couldn't move around without knocking something over. Where it nature in these yard? At best it's relegated to some small plantings. Where would bees go? How about butterflies. Really, these are just awful!

    1. That should have been,"Where is nature..."

  6. Would love to see some outdoor living spaces that reflect the Midwest sensibility, taking into account high wind, rain, birds, squirrels, rabbits.

    1. Yes and consider the winds too!!

    2. Totally agree! How about a Midwest easy to care for yard, with a minimum of things to haul into the house to protect from rain and wind.

  7. Yes please. Texas rain, wind etc. we need overhead cover and durable Weather resistant items to enjoy the outdoors.

  8. I love it but there is no cover
    Impossible to leave without ruining everything.

    1. The weather here in the summer was 110 degrees for JUNE July AND August. Full sun

    2. Spot on Sherri. Beautiful but not practical considering weather.

    3. I totally agree.
      My first thought, beautiful but not weather tolerant,

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