Miulee Water-Resistant Outdoor Pillow Covers
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Shoppers Say the 'Vibrant' Color on These Water-Resistant Outdoor Pillow Covers Stays Pristine

“I live in sunny California where the sun fades most fabric, except for these.”
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Just because your deck, porch, or patio is exposed to the elements doesn't mean you can't make your outdoor space feel cozy. Adding comfortable furniture, like lounge chairs and a coffee table, is one step you can take, and you can also warm up your space (and protect everything) with outdoor curtains. But the easiest way to add comfort and personality to your yard is to top it all off with outdoor throw pillows—and of course that means you'll need stylish covers. This set of two is an Amazon shopper-favorite, and it's only $15. 

The Miulee outdoor pillow covers—which occupy the top spot in their category on Amazon's best-sellers list—are made from a durable canvas polyester material that's water-resistant and designed for outdoor use, meaning they can hold up in inclement weather. The set comes with two 18 by 18 inch pillow covers for just over $7 apiece, but keep in mind that the pillow inserts are sold separately (and this under-$20 set of outdoor pillow inserts from the same brand has hundreds of five-star ratings). 

"I live in sunny California where the sun fades most fabric, except for these," shared a reviewer. They added that the pillows "held up beautifully" outside throughout the year, so they're purchasing more in other colors.

Not only will the covers repel water, but the brand notes they're also designed to resist dust, too. Plus, each pillowcase has a zipper closure, so it's easy to both insert pillows and remove the covers for cleaning—and the zipper is the same color as the cover, so it blends in nicely. When you do want to wash your covers, simply use a gentle cold cycle before drying them on a low heat setting. 

"The color was vibrant and the material of good quality," wrote one shopper who said they were also pleased with the quality of the zipper. "These are wonderful and for a great price," added another reviewer who covered a pillow they already owned—a great way to give your outdoor space a fresh new look with minimal effort. 

The Miulee outdoor pillow covers are available in 21 neutral and bright colors as well as five additional sizes, so shop for a set to warm up your patio or make your deck chairs even more comfortable in no time.