Make your own tepee to give little ones a shady space to play outside. This DIY project is sweet and simple, and your kids will love it!
DIY Teepee

Create a magical space for your little one to play in with this cute tepee-tent design! This simple and inexpensive project makes the perfect shady spot for your child. Customize the tepee by choosing sheets for the sides in your child's favorite colors and patterns. If you have more than one child, consider creating several tepees for a cute little village!

Kids will love having a special spot to spend sunny days dreaming, relaxing, and playing. Make this project today to delight the little ones in your life!

What You Need

  • Drill with 3⁄4-inch spade bit
  • 8-foot 1×4 boards (4)
  • ¾" wood dowels (3)
  • Twin sheets (2)

Step 1: Drill & Attach

DIY teepee

Drill holes at each end of four 8-foot 1×4 boards using a 3⁄4-inch spade bit—one 8 inches from the top and another 2 inches from the bottom. Overlap two of the boards so the holes at the top line up, and insert a 3⁄4-inch wood dowel cut to 52 inches.

Step 2: Finish Frame

DIY teepee

Insert the other end of the dowel into the other two boards in the same way. Finish the frame by adding two more dowels in the bottom holes of the boards.

Step 3: Sew Fabric & Slide Into Place

Sew simple pockets into the short ends of two twin at sheets cut to 52 inches wide and about 90 inches long. Remove one set of boards from the dowels, and slide the pockets onto the top and bottom dowels. Replace the boards. Glue the dowels in place, or leave them unglued for easy removal of the fabric for laundering.

Comments (1)

Better Homes & Gardens Member
June 4, 2020
This teepee is adorable however the sheets would need to be joined at the top and a single pocket sewn to thread through to make the apex of the teepee.