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How do I fix an existing concrete patio? My backyard concrete patio looks awful. It looks stained and dirty no matter how much we wash it. Is there something we can do to make it look nicer -- or give it a different look -- besides painting it?


I would recommend cleaning with a concrete cleaner and looking into concrete dying -- it is a good alternative to painting -- or you can look in to resurfacing products that bond to old concrete.

Answered by: Brian Zeldes, Certified Remodeler, National Association of the Remodeling Industry

About Brian

Brian Zeldes, CR, CAPS, is president and owner of BKZ Contractors, Inc., a full-service remodeling company. Zeldes has more than 20 years in the remodeling and contracting business, having worked in the field as a carpenter, drywall installer, painter, window and door installer, and roofer. Zeldes also is treasurer of NARI of Bucks-Mont. BKZ Contractors has won several local and regional Contractor of the Year awards.


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