21 Outdoor Patio Ideas for a Place You'll Never Want to Leave

These design and furnishing tips will make your backyard living space a comfortable, welcoming place for friends and family to relax and enjoy.

walkway to formal back yard patio
Photo: David A Land

Just like interior rooms, patios benefit from seasonal spruce-ups, new furniture arrangements, and added accessories. Revamp your backyard with these outdoor patio ideas, including styling tips and DIY projects, to prepare it for the season. With these ideas, you can create an inviting patio you'll enjoy all summer.

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Small Outdoor Patio Ideas

back patio privacy metal yellow chairs
Kimberly Gavin

You don't need an expansive backyard to create an attractive patio. Even a tiny space can become an open-air retreat with the right planning and pieces. First, ensure privacy by choosing an area alongside your house or fence. Adding a trellis for a more secluded feel is a good outdoor patio idea. Then furnish the patio space with chairs and a table with an umbrella. Consider a bistro table set if you're working with limited square footage.

Finally, add an outdoor rug and mounted lanterns to amplify the cozy atmosphere.

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Patio Lighting Ideas

beige patio with rustic dinner table and modern black chairs
Edmund Barr

Ensure you can continue enjoying your patio well past sunset with cozy exterior lighting. String lights draped across a covered patio can help warm up outdoor spaces after dark. Attach the lights securely so they stay up throughout the year.

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Outdoor Patio Bar

two metal bar chairs at corner table yellow water can below
Matthew Benson

​​Add an outdoor bar to your backyard patio to spend warm summer evenings kicking back with a cool beverage. Although this patio idea might seem luxurious, you can easily assemble a DIY version using cement blocks and wood boards. Add chairs or stools at counter height and an umbrella to complete the setup.

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Add a Fire Feature

Outdoor patio with Adirondack furniture, plants and a round fire pit
Ed Gohlich

Adding a firepit to your space is an irresistible outdoor patio idea that friends and family will love. Planter boxes filled with colorful succulents and cacti frame the seating area of this paver patio. Adirondack chairs with colorful pillows offer a spot to sit back and relax while roasting marshmallows.

Editor's Tip

Be sure to look up your city's regulations around firepits before purchasing or installing.

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Patio Ideas for Unused Spaces

patio seating area with dining table in front
Bob Stefko

Convert underutilized areas in your landscape into welcoming patios. Add cozy appeal with handsome furnishings, vibrant fabrics, and beautifully planted containers. You can build a patio space anywhere you can create a floor from brick, flagstones, wood chips, or gravel.

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Create a Cozy Patio

backyard brick patio with brick columns
Laurie Black

Everyone enjoys a secluded spot to share a quiet conversation with a friend or kick back with a good book. All you need to create a purposeful patio are a few comfy chairs and a table for placing drinks or books. Then, arrange these pieces in a lush garden and add a water feature for even more charm.

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Peaceful Patio Ideas

backyard stone patio seating
Peter Krumhardt

You may want your patio to be a retreat that offers a peaceful respite from everyday stress. In that case, opt for neutral color palettes, spare furniture arrangements, and lots of plants and greenery to fashion serene settings that match your relaxing and entertaining needs. Keep the lowkey feel going with low-maintenance, weatherproof furniture and fabrics, and cultivate a garden from easy-care container plantings.

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Elegant Patio Design

backyard indoor outdoor patio
Dominique Vorillon

Upgrade your patio furnishings to give your outdoor space a more refined look. Here, a distinctive dining set combines sophisticated chairs with a table crafted from a carved base and a glass top. To replicate the high-end look, hang a gilded mirror on an exterior wall or fence near your patio, or paint wooden chairs with a decorative metallic finish.

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Patio Design Ideas

Consider your patio an outdoor room. It should feel just as homey and inviting as your home's interior. These outdoor patio ideas will help you give your outdoor space interior-like appeal with tricks for furniture and amenities.

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Colorful Patio Decor

walkway to formal back yard patio
David A Land

A splash of color can instantly give your patio a personality boost. Consider painting wood furniture in a favorite hue to add contrast and energy to the space. For the best finish, choose primer and paint intended for exterior use.

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Stylish Patio Accessories

porch and patio with black wicker furniture
Ray Kachatorian

Amplify a patio's appeal and function by adding stylish accessories. For example, accent tables with unique shapes and patterned fabrics in bold colors can give your outdoor area a more finished, chic look. Then layer in smaller items such as potted plants or flowers and decorative lanterns for added appeal.

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Small Gravel Patio

corner bench with pillows, blue table, lounger patio area
Kim Cornelison

You don't have to have a huge backyard for this outdoor patio idea you'll love. Carve out a small corner by laying down DIY-friendly and affordable pea gravel. Install landscape fabric first to prevent weeds and mud, then rake the material on top. Add a few chairs and a garden stool to complete your custom gravel patio.

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Patio Color Scheme

guest house with joining patio
Emily Followill

Thinking about redesigning your patio? Create a cohesive scheme by taking your color cue from your home's exterior. This homeowner uses a pretty back patio idea, adding white-ruffled slipcovers and an umbrella that reflects the color of the home's trim. These furnishings pull up to a rustic stone table that echoes the siding's earth tone.

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Revive Patio Furniture

walkway to patio with blue furniture
Mark Lohman

Grab a paintbrush and white paint to refresh worn or mismatched outdoor furniture. Before painting metal patio furniture, check for rust and treat any rusted areas before painting. Then, a fresh coat of paint will make the pieces look new.

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Outdoor Fabric Ideas

elegant patio in formal backyard
Bob Stefko

Outdoor textiles come in various colors, patterns, and styles. These durable fabrics are designed to endure sunny and stormy days, so they remain in good shape throughout the season. Choose your favorite design or color to cover cushions, fashion throw pillows, or create patio-enclosing drapery panels.

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Fresh Patio Ideas

outdoor patio furniture set on wooden deck
Kimberly Gavin

Use colorful blooms to brighten your patio space. For long-lasting, easy-care color, plant your garden with perennials that will show up year after year. A repurposed workbench functions as a potting station in this patio area, so fresh flowers are always within arm's reach.

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Portable Patio Furniture

farmhouse style patio with small bench
Tria Giovan

Versatility is key for your patio furniture arrangement. Consider choosing lightweight pieces that can be moved from sun to shade or be partnered with other conversation groupings. Other adaptable furnishings, such as benches or stools, can function as extra seating or a table for refreshments.

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Shaded Backyard Patio

back yard with stone patio and pool
Bob Stefko

Uncovered patios can be less enjoyable because of too much sun. Consider cutting the sun's glare and improving comfort levels with freestanding or table-inset umbrellas. Choose ones that can be adjusted as the sun moves across the sky. Select umbrella fabrics that complement your patio's color scheme.

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Modern Patio Design Ideas

outdoor patio with stone flooring and rattan furniture
Paul Dyer

Spend more time outside enjoying the weather by including a few modern outdoor patio ideas for convenience and enjoyment. For example, move TV time from the couch to the outdoors by mounting a set on an exterior wall. Consider adding stereo speakers, an outdoor kitchen, or a fire pit to upgrade your patio further.

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DIY Patio Furniture

cinder block patio seating
Cameron Sadeghpour

A fresh look for your patio doesn't require splurging on new outdoor furniture. Instead, you can DIY your own using simple materials. Here, concrete blocks stack up as end tables and a sofa, providing storage caches for collections, reading materials, and extra picnic gear.

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Antique-Style Patio Ideas

stone patio seating with views
Michae lPartenio

Antique garden furniture and accessories bring sophisticated substance to old and new patios. Look for garden relics at estate sales, flea markets, and antique shows specializing in vintage garden gear. These reproduction pieces are designed after French antiques and offer elegant European style while supplying modern function on this stone-paved hilltop patio.

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