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Nothing brings interior-style comforts outside better than a stylishly shaped patio fireplace that is strategically positioned to warm eating and seating areas. Check out these alfresco hearths; they'll get you thinking about ways you can heat up your own great outdoors.

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    Understatedly Chic

    Inspired by the home's foundation, this fireplace tiptoes into view so as not to distract from the main attraction: the fire burning within. Shapely flagstones are puzzled together with similar-color grout, which allows the fireplace to meld with exterior walls and lets homeowners add color with vibrantly hued furnishings.

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    Elegant Appointments

    Just like their interior counterparts, outdoor fireplaces stand as pretty and practical additions that provide warmth and display space. These homeowners designed their mortared stone fireplace to include a raised hearth, outcropping side shelves, and a stone mantel to create space for exhibiting iron lanterns, Grecian urns, and other collections that contribute furnished-room appeal in their backyard living room.

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    Unified Outlook

    Echoing a home's stone-clad exterior, a pleasingly profiled fireplace stands ready to supply comfort to a small seating area tucked beneath an overhanging roof. Black-iron doors enclosing the firebox and a weathered-wood timepiece stay in step with the home's age-old character, while visually separating the fireplace from the surrounding stonework.

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    Old World Hospitality

    Tucked into a corner of a European-inspired home, the weathered-brick fireplace and towering chimney rise to become a focal point. The structure calls folks to gather, warm their feet at the low-set hearth, and simply enjoy flames flickering in the firebox. Flagstone details set high on the chimney take their cue from the stone floor and the rough-finished stucco walls. A pair of vintage andirons supply colorful profiles and patinas at the fireplace's base.

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    Backyard Patio Ideas

    Use these decorating and design ideas to turn your patio into a picture-perfect oasis.

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    Tonal Qualities

    Lightly colored and low on contrast, this floor-to-ceiling edifice provides ample architectural interest without overwhelming a streamlined seating area. Smooth-faced, straight-edged masonry stands out against coarser stones to stylishly define the firebox, which is lined with black-painted brick. Birch logs provide interest when the fireplace isn't in use.

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    Location, Location

    Idyllically situated, this poolside patio and fireplace stands ready to warm bathers dripping from the pool, delight cocktail-party guests, and entertain family members who like to watch prime-time shows outside. The white-painted brick fireplace puts the focus on a sleek firebox and a flat-screen television that share a similar shape and color.

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    Tiled with Style

    This ground-level hearth assumes the starring role in an outdoor kitchen. Lively yellow-and-blue tiles -- which play off the kitchen's blue-tiled backsplash and tile borders inset into the patio floor -- frame the firebox opening. A large fire screen corrals sputtering sparks and flying ashes so the chef and guests can safely stand and sit near the fireplace.

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    Natural Draw

    This lofty fireplace set in an outlying area lures folks out into the landscape. Appearing as if it could be equally at home in a fairy-tale forest, its rustic stonework and sculpted form enchant the eye. Vertically set stones and horizontal ledges spotlight a display niche and the arched firebox opening.

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    Refined Living

    Elegant spaces call for classic fireplace designs. A wood-paneled surround, a deep mantel, an inset mirror, and a stone-tiled border above the firebox make for a fetchingly formed fireplace. Pergola beams painted to match the paneled surround give the fireplace a built-in look and contribute to the courtyard's cohesively charming appearance.

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    Period Pieces

    Details matter when creating a patio fireplace that suits historic homes or new-world homes with old-world leanings. A simply shaped chimney provides an unassuming backdrop for an ornately carved mantelpiece and a stone-detailed raised hearth. Stone-color bricks set in a herringbone pattern build interest inside the firebox.

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    Crowd Pleaser

    This substantial freestanding fireplace boasts an expansive raised firebox that sits at the eye level of seated diners, which allows fires to be enjoyed from appetizers until well past dessert. The construction captivates attention, thanks to its massive form, striking stone facade, crisp-white molding, and a filigreed chimney cap.

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    Purposeful Retreat

    A wood-burning oven and a fireplace with a raised firebox stand side-by-side to beautifully accommodate the cooking and recreational needs of an outdoor-loving family. Mortared-in-place rounded rocks and rectangular flagstones decorate the earth-tone structures, which are connected by a counter-capped cabinet that supplies storage and prep space. Wood-holding caches located at the base of oven and fireplace keep logs and kindling within arm's reach.

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    Redefining Rustic

    Pieced-together flagstones fashion a high-impact fireplace that echoes the colors of the patio's weathered-wood ceiling and stone-tiled floor. Small niches in the surround accommodate small votive candles; the firebox opening and the stone-slab hearth supply arched and horizontal forms that balance the fireplace's very vertical figure.

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    All-Inclusive Haven

    Enclosed by privacy panels and porch railings, this patio houses a brick fireplace, a cushy seating area, and an inviting dining space that combine to fashion a great-outdoor's great-room of sorts. The brick fireplace mirrors the brick floor and features a raised hearth that supplies display space and bonus fireside seats.

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    Plenteous Panache

    Pared-down profiles and simple furnishings emit calming cadences and a good deal of French finesse on this stone-floored patio. The fireplace's rectangular silhouette appealingly contrasts with the patio's arched entry points. A rough-hewn beam crafts a rustic mantel that partners with a vintage clock to bring timeless dimension to the fireplace's flat-planed geometry.

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