Modern Patio Design Ideas

Got a penchant for peaceful outdoor spaces? Give your patio a modern outlook with clean-lined furnishings, neutral schemes, organic materials, and serenely green plantings.


Foliage and flowers play important roles in modern patio designs. At this urban courtyard, plantings introduce colors, shapes, and textures that contrast with the furnishing's contemporary contours, soften the floor's stone surface, and naturally complement wood and brick walls. Containers with streamlined profiles and understated hues further the patio's progressive spirit.

Play with Texture

Minimalist spaces rely on a medley of textures to keep interest running high. This patio's intricately patterned brick floor sets the seating area apart from adjacent tiled stairs and a stone paved walkway. Woven wicker sofas, linen-upholstered cushions, wood-topped iron tables, and patterned pillows provide a magical mix of rough, smooth, soft, and hard textures to create a modern grouping that is noteworthy without being busy. 

Interior Comforts

Freewheeling coffee tables standing ready to hold coffee cups and wine glasses outfit this artistically arrayed aerie in contemporary style. Crisply lined woven settees with comfortable neutral cushions get a lift from pillows dressed in abstract floral fabrics. 

Natural Beauty

Though rustic, rough, and massive, this fireplace makes a convivial partner for straight-planed wood furnishings outfitted in finishes and fabrics that repeat the hearth's stony hues in sleeker fashion. Rusty tones, appearing as pillows, plants, and accessories, pick up on burnished shades in the stone floor to warm the monochromatic scene. 

Enjoy your patio more with these tips for furniture, landscaping, and decor.

Stylish Escape

Design a patio you'll love with these tips to add style and comfort.

Mix It Up

Finely tuned modern patios keep monotony at bay by combining refined finishes, rustic surfaces, and an eclectic array of furniture shapes. This patio's stone floor cued the hues chosen for the outdoor furnishings. Crisp white slipcovers emphasize the silhouettes of clean-lined contemporary chairs. Poufy skirted ottomans with chrome legs add a touch of whimsy. Brown accent pillows contribute color and comfort to the mix. 

Be a Trend Setter

Progressive thinking results in distinctive and delightful modern patios. Centered around a fetchingly formed fireplace, these outdoor furnishings would be equally at home in a statement-making living room. Aerodynamic blue seats and a canopy-sheltered white sofa with chrome legs surprisingly partner with classic nail-studded ottomans and weathered wood tables. 

Serene Scene

Simple is always better when it comes to creating a modern patio. Though just two chairs and a bubbling fountain comprise this patio's furnishings, the space doesn't lack for style. A partial concrete wall and textural plantings fashion a good-looking perimeter. Bricks laid in a herringbone pattern link the patio to the home's plainer brickwork. 


Modern patios, along with their furnishings and hardscapes, generally take a backseat to a landscape's finest features. This tiered patio is home to unassuming concrete floors and planter boxes; even the patterned lower patio is done in tone-on-tone tiles so as not to distract from panoramic vistas. The dining set's yellow details forge a color connection with foliage and flowers in nearby gardens. 

Geometry Lesson

Linear surfaces and crisp-edged shapes are integral to building streamlined modern patios. Blue-stained brushed concrete scored to create large rectangular shapes and perfectly aligned boards fashion a fine-looking patio floor. Built-in benches and colorful cubist-inspired seats invite folks to sit and enjoy lushly planted perimeters.  

Urban Oasis

A very cool, low-maintenance collage of planting beds and rock-filled compartments separates eating and seating areas in this backyard. A raised deck housing a conversation grouping nestles into stands of bamboo that promote privacy without shading deck sitters. Closer to the house, a stone floor provides a level surface for a dining table and chairs. 

Chromatic Digs

This vivacious poolside seating area handily illustrates that color has a place in modern patios, especially when the patio is furnished with fashion-forward furniture. Lemon yellow cushions brighten an L-shape banquette equipped with storage drawers. The sunny hue reappears as cushions on barrel-style wicker chairs arranged on a woven area rug that plays off the ceiling's orange undertones.

All-Purpose Retreat

Contemporary character and modern convenience partner in this outdoor great-room brightened by a skylight, warmed by a stacked-stone fireplace, and served by a bar and kitchen area. Concrete floors -- scored to look like large stone slabs -- anchor arrangements of furniture featuring putty-hue cushions and driftwood finishes that mirror the color of the stonework and floors. Accent pillows and chair cushions introduce warming pops of red and orange.

Just Add Water

Bubbling fountains contribute soothing background noise that underscores a modern patio's calming character. Here, a water feature takes center stage on a circular gravel patio bordered with dense plantings. Painted metal chairs pull up to the fountain and contribute color, pattern, and shine to the organic tableau. 

Zen Vibes

Modern patios' pared-down designs perfectly accommodate meditational pursuits. This concrete-walled patio hosts a spare arrangement of simple furnishings set atop scored-concrete floors. Tall bamboo plants, bushy evergreens, and a weeping tree supply interesting forms that add a welcome layer of privacy to a space meant for quiet reflection.

Industrial Polish

Stainless and galvanized steel, polished chrome, and shiny aluminum surfaces and sculptural furniture bring contemporary cadences to outdoor spaces. Naturally finished wood chairs (with chrome legs) and industrial-style metal chairs pull up to an arresting table boasting a sculptural black metal base and a steel top. Though only seven furniture pieces outfit this patio, each brings a notable shape that amplifies the space's overall appeal. 

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