Classy Garden Get-Togethers

Invite your friends over for a pretty party in your garden.

Woodland Chic: Simple Table

Mossy greens and pastel blues pair with soft white and copper accents to create a cool color scheme for this open-air gathering.

Woodland Chic: Atmosphere Aloft

Add a romantic touch by hanging copper trays from low tree branches that stretch over the dining table. Adorn each tray with a pillar candle surrounded by varieties of moss arranged in lightweight plastic containers.

Woodland Chic: Go Green

Moisten moss well before you begin assembling projects like this centerpiece. The soil should be moist to the touch. Hold your party in a shady spot to keep the moss (and guests) comfortably cool. This project was finished using blue river rocks and short candles.

Woodland Chic: It's in the Details

Continue your party's theme down to the tiniest details. Tie blue napkins with sheer moss-green ribbon, and tuck in a delicate stem of some shade-loving flora to complete each place setting.

Woodland Chic: Welcome Wreaths

Decorate dining chairs with miniature moss-covered wreaths. Use hot glue to attach reindeer moss to 4- or 5-inch twig wreath forms from a crafts store.

Woodland Chic: At Your Service

The party's woodland theme isn't forgotten at the beverage station. Chunks of reindeer moss (available at crafts stores) are fixed to a large wooden picture frame with hot glue, and blue river rocks mix in for textural variety.

Perfectly Pink: Flower-Filled Table

Gather guests and celebrate summer with a peony-themed brunch. A basic picnic table is dressed to impress when draped with lengths of inexpensive fabric.

Perfectly Pink: You're Invited

Set a festive party scene in advance with handmade invitations. These delicate posies are black-and-white copies of vintage drawings tinted to just the right shade of pink using pastel chalk. Add the party details on a small card tied on with ribbon.

Perfectly Pink: The Name Game

Create name tags or place cards from petite flowers. Use your computer to print a list of guests' names in pink ink. Then snip the names apart, fold the strips accordion-style, and tie each one to a blossom with ribbon.

Perfectly Pink: Settings with Charm

Make your centerpiece the center of attention by wrapping large recycled cans in decorative paper, such as scrapbooking or wrapping paper, and pretty ribbons in coordinating hues. Line the center of the table with the containers, and insert bouquets of blossoms. Green-stemmed goblets sprout from the tabletop and bloom with pink punch.

Perfectly Pink: Blossoming Beauty

Even the place settings at this celebration help carry out the peony theme. Color copies of artistic floral renderings sandwiched between white dinner plates and glass salad plates give each guest a blossom of his or her own.

Perfectly Pink: Budding Stars

Linen napkins adorned with petite peony buds provide a sweet accent at each place setting. Silverware (no plastic allowed!) and real dishes make this gathering an event instead of a picnic.

Perfectly Pink: Show and Tell

Create a striking display while educating guests on the varieties of your chosen flower. Showcase individual blossoms in ice cream dishes adorned with pretty name tags.

Simple Party: Canopy Covered

A poolside cabana makes the perfect spot for a grown-up tea party and an afternoon spent giggling with friends.

Simple Party: Cozy Canopy

A tent defines the outdoor room and creates a cozy space for guests to linger. Hide not-so-pretty hardware by gathering panels at each corner post with tiebacks crafted from garden bouquets.

Simple Party: Door Decor

At backyard gatherings, encourage guest to enter through a garden gate by dressing up the portal with a wreath of fresh flowers and ribbons.

Simple Party: Play Dress-Up

Take your china and crystal to the pool for an afternoon affair. Although this table is dressed with finery, the poolside setting keeps the mood casual.

Simple Party: Lovely Linens

Cover round tables with layers of rich fabrics. Here, an icy blue material was draped over a buttery yellow cloth. Oversize tablecloths lets you gather the excess and adorn with a garden bouquet. Allow surplus fabric to puddle on the patio for a decadent feel.

Simple Party: Beyond Bows

Shower your guests with gifts wrapped in the same hues and blooms as the party decorations. Here, packages are adorned with seashells, fresh flowers, and sprigs of rosemary tucked into bows.

Simple Party: Ivy League

Adorn an iron chandelier with freshly cut finery. Fill glass votive cups halfway with sand, and add water. Anchor taper candles, and tuck the cut ends of ivy and blossoms into the cups. Twine the ivy around the chandelier, carefully avoiding the candle flames.

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