13 Ways to Transform Your Deck + Patio

Gear up for warm-weather season with these upgrades for decks and patios. Our stylish ideas will help you take advantage of the great outdoors and savor spring, summer, and fall even more.

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    Create Boundaries

    Give your patio an edge with a wall of plants. Stagger pots along the perimeter of the patio to create the feeling of a room. A variety of container sizes adds another layer of softness.

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    Add a Pergola

    Use a pergola to turn your backyard into a private getaway. A shallow pergola design adds both style and structure to this charming deck without taking up much space.

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    Use Levels

    A deck that gradually steps down creates multiple areas for entertaining. Designate the functions of each level with furniture. On one landing, add a table and chairs for meals. On another landing, place chairs in sets of two to encourage conversation.

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    Max Out Your Space

    Have a deck-patio combination? Maximize every inch of your outdoor living areas with these design tips for furniture, outdoor decor, and landscaping.

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    Upgrade Materials

    Timeless design begins with materials selection. Focus on durability and weather resistance to create outdoor living spaces that never go out of style. A large sandstone wall presents an artistic tableau with built-in niches that house candles or fresh flowers. 

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    Enlist an Island

    Islands aren't just for the kitchen; they work wonders in outdoor rooms, too! A wood-and-metal island and barstools are a budget-savvy choice for outdoor dining. A tabletop salad garden adds a soft touch, while a pea gravel patio promises easy upkeep underfoot. 

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    Blur the Divide

    Install a new patio door design to blur the boundaries between indoor and out and enhance your home's architectural style. In this modern home, expansive glass panels admit light and views. 

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    Just Add Water

    Invite the soothing sounds of nature to your patio or deck with a tiny fountain. To make this design, all you need is container water kit, a water-proof container, and a few water-loving plants.

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    Refresh Railing

    Even a basic railing design can transform the look of your deck. Driftwood-color decking and charcoal risers and posts make this newly updated deck look decidedly modern. 

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    Brighten Up

    Punch up your home's exterior with color. Bright patio furniture is an easy and inexpensive way to add color to the home. Use spray paint to give plain patio furniture new life.

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    Find Cover

    A porchlike covered deck provides a cozy setting for casual gatherings. The simple lines of the iron table and chairs complement the classic look of the home's exterior. A curved polycarbonate-top roof adds interest to the area and keeps the deck dry during wet weather.

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    Go Big on a Budget

    Let nature take center stage with a simple patio design. Flagstone-look pavers lend natural style to this patio at an affordable price. A simple cinderblock retaining wall and shrubs around the patio's perimeter look like an extension of the landscape.

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    Coordinate Colors

    Add decorative flair outdoors with a painted deck floor and furniture. The soothing gray, white, and black color palette permeates the deck on the seating, accent pillows, and planters.

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    Like the rooms inside our homes, there are limitless ways to decorate a deck or patio, especially when you introduce homemade outdoor furniture. Putting a personal spin on your outside seating area is as easy as modifying a tree stump, upcycling a slab of concrete, or building with unused pallets. We found 13 easy-to-follow DIY patio furniture tutorials to inspire your backyard transformation.
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